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Shepherds Pie Grandma Style

When the fall season arrives I enjoy making more hearty and heavy meals for the family. Shepherds Pie seems to fit the need of a warm wholesome and tasty meal for the cooler weather seasons.  I put together this recipe from memory so here is what I came up with. Not all shepherds pie is made with a crust. If you would rather leave out the crust you can just spray your baking pan before pouring the filling in the pan.


                              Oatmeal Bars

This is a family favorite. The recipe can be made as cookies but I like to make them bars which take less time and with such a busy schedule we can all use an extra 5 minutes in our day.


Chocolate Pudding Pops

While searching for a pudding recipe I came across so many that require the cooking to be done in the microwave. While I don't have a problem using the microwave I really wanted a stove top pudding recipe.
So this is what I came up with.

Peanut Butter Cookie/Brownies

I love Peanut Butter cookies and I love Brownies so I decided to combined the two recipes and see what I get.I preheated the oven to a setting between 350 and 375 degrees. I choose to set it between the brownie temperature and the cookie temperature.

Vintage Recipe Thursday Lemon Ice
My mother made this for our family in the summer time. We loved this better than ice cream.
Easy Bread Dough
My family loves home made bread. I love making bread. When I say I love making bread I mean by hand not by machine. I do have a bread machine and I used  it when I worked a full time job. I really enjoy the kneading process most. Here is the basic recipe I use often. This can be used to make a loaf of bread, dinner rolls or bread sticks.

Find the Bread Recipe here.

Our Little Helper Making Scones
Today we made scones!

Find the Easy Scones Recipe here.