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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fun With Our Grandchildren and more.

We have been crazy busy this last few weeks. I have hardly had time to write any posts lately. I decided to squeeze in some time just to let all my readers know I am still out here just busy as can be.
We had some baby goats visit us a few weeks ago. They are Pygmy goats and  such sweet little animals. I would have loved to keep them but they are not milk goats so I could not keep them.

We took a short trip to visit our grandsons. They sure are growing like weeds.
 That's Little Roo. Grandma see my balloon hat! You have just got to love those big brown eyes!
Of course Pooh Bear had to join in the fun with his balloon hat and balloon animal.
Then our grandson came for a visit a few weeks later.
Pooh Bear, Little Roo and Little Bug. "Grandma we are picking you these pretty yellow flowers!"
Just too sweet don't you think? 
Then our granddaughters Pumpkin and Sweet Pea came up from New Mexico for a visit. On their way up the stopped to see Pooh Bear and Little Roo.
Next stop grandma's house. Little Bug stopped over to spend the night with his cousins. We had a happy house full. 
My granddaughters wanted to celebrate their birthday so off we went to the American Girl Doll Store.

 Pumpkin and Marie Grace in their matching nighties.
 Sweet Pea and Ruthie in their matching nighties.
At some point during all the visiting and traveling we found time to drain our Koi pond. It is still sad to think about all the koi we lost. We have since filled the pond and added 4 koi. I shall share some photos later of the new koi.
So what do you think? Have the grandchildren grown like weeds? What have you been up to lately?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan

Disclaimer: Grandma Bonnie's Closet was not compensated for the review of this product. I received a free product in exchange for an honest opinion. The opinions in this post are my own.
With the heat of summer blasting away in my home I was more than a little tickled to have the opportunity to review the Ozeri Brezza Dual Oscillating Desk Fan. I am not a fan of air conditioning. We do have a couple window A/C's that we use in the living room and guest bedroom but we like to use a fan in our bedroom. I like to be cool but not cold when I sleep.  With the Ozeri Brezza III I have been able to direct our air conditioning toward our bedroom without turning our bedroom into a freezer. 
The fan comes with a remote. This remote comes in handy when the night gets cooler and I want to turn the fan off without leaving my bed. 
The fan has four air speeds. Low, Medium, High and Quiet.  
The OSC(L/R) button activates the automatic left and right oscillation.
The OSC(U/D) button activates the automatic up and down oscillation.
The fan has a programmable timer button. Just press the timer button once and repeat to set the timer to the following increments: 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 4 hours.

What I like about the fan is the ability to sit the fan beside my window or A/C and direct the cool air where I want it. It will also be great to use in the winter. I will be facing the fan at the ceiling to direct warm air down and circulate it through our house. 
Then there is the dual motion feature! To maximize the distribution of airflow into a wide space, activate the up/down button while in the left/right oscillation mode for automatic dual motion oscillation. Now thats an awesome function!
Check out my video on youtube. See all the great features in action. Its less than a minute twenty five seconds long. I appreciate the views. Thanks for watching.

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I hope you all are staying cool this summer.