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Friday, April 25, 2014

Thoughts On Sustainable Living And Egg Cartons

I thought I might share with you today some of our ideas and plans for becoming a little more self reliant. This morning while making eggs for breakfast two thoughts crossed my mind. The first thought was the two egg cartons we had in our refrigerator were made from two different materials. One egg carton was made from Styrofoam and the second was made from cardboard. It actually depends where we shop at to which type of egg carton is available. The nearby little grocery has cardboard cartons for the eggs. The larger supermarket which is thirty minutes away has the Styrofoam egg cartons. I have thoughts about each type when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle. If you are raising laying hens for eggs. You might want to have a stash of the Styrofoam cartons. When I knew I was going to be raising chickens I started saving my egg cartons and asking my family and friends to save their egg cartons. I could wash the egg cartons and reuse them multiple times. Now , I have not had laying hens in a while now and I actually prefer the cardboard style egg cartons because I can put them in the compost pile.
The second thought that crossed my mind when making breakfast was that we need to get some more laying hens. I believe that would take us one step closer to being self reliant. After Breakfast I jumped on the computer and found some chicks on Craigslist. Ha ha! I might be on my way to getting some chicks over the weekend. I will be keeping you posted.

On a side note. Nothing to do with sustainability. It has been a sad spring this year. We lost all the fish in our Koi pond. We had around 50 Koi and goldfish. We had raised most of the Koi and goldfish from small fry. Some of our Koi were over 15 inches long and 12yrs old. Our pond is about 5 & 1/2 feet deep. Well below the frost line. These fish have survived many winters in our pond. The only conclusion I can come to is this winter was far too cold too long. It is sad but we will have to start over.

I will leave you with just a few photo memories from my archives.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful spring day!


  1. My friend Manzanita just got 5 chickens. It is so cold right now in Montana, that she said they were in her house because they are still too small to be outside. I would like some chickens too, but not sure my Hubs would go for it.

  2. Keep us updated on the chickens. I'm sorry to hear about your Koi. It really was such a harsh winter this year.