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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Garden Planning

I have been itching to get outside and start my garden since about January. I am sure those of you who have had to endure this too long and too cold winter just might be feeling a bit like myself. I have been looking over my seed catalogs, reading and researching gardening methods and just daydreaming about my spring and summer garden.
I have plans to extend my vegetable garden this year. I will be trying a new gardening method of which I will be writing about in the next few weeks. The new method is a bit like the weed free raised garden bed I tried last year. I will be posting often about the new products I am using to keep my garden producing throughout the spring, summer and fall. I invite you to follow along with me on this new garden learning experience. If your green thumb is itching to get into your garden you may just want to stop over and read a few of my other garden posts for some great tips on keeping a garden planner, tips for gardening success and much more. Well, off I am to do some spring garden clean up, and get a few seeds started in side.  


  1. Me too! I'm trying the layering method this year. Some folks call it Back to Eden.

  2. Back To Eden is is the gardening method I was planning. I am just going to make a few adjustments to the plan to work in my garden.

  3. I haven't thought of what method I will be doing but I am excited that since we moved this will be the first year we will get to have a real garden. Although, the snow on the ground is making me really impatient.

  4. I can't wait to figure out what I am going to do in my garden this year. I just heard yesterday the the Farmers Almanac is predicting snow in April. Jeesh... I hope not. I am so done with winter.

  5. Hi there, We are back from ANOTHER trip. This time we were in Georgia checking out yet another waterfall... Check my blog today when you get a chance.

    Sounds like you are a 'busy beaver' ---working on your garden... We need to do the same thing here --if the weather will EVER cooperate.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh we are so ready to be planting our garden. It is always so much fun filling the freezer each year.