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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Preparing For The Unexpected

I want to level with you right off about this blog post. I have been thinking about this post going on about two weeks now. Its a very wide topic to be writing about. I won't be to be able to cover every little thought I have on this subject but I will try to hit on what I think is important and leave the rest to your own thinking.
Over the holidays we had several unexpected events thrown our way. Some of those events we were not prepared for but should have been. We know that life is always trying to throw you a curve ball you just got to be ready and catch it if you can.  From heart attacks, terrible flights, lost luggage, bad weather and illnesses we had enough curve balls thrown our way it would make you head spin.
The subject of being a prepper or the act of prepping has become the rage among survivalists and their followers. Not everyone is into prepping or survivalism. At least not to the extremes that some persons maybe. But in some fashion or another everyone is a prepper. You might not think in terms of prepping but being prepared and planning ahead is an instinct that everyone has to some degree. A great example would be the list I made of events I have planned for in the past or what I have prepared for in the future. 
Life(weddings, birth, education fund, savings, retirement)
Death(funeral, Will, insurance)
Disasters and Weather related events(tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, earth quakes, etc.)
Unexpected accidents, Injuries and Illnesses(first aid, car insurance, health insurance, etc.) 

So, let me back up to a few of the unexpected events that got me started on this being prepared kick. The first was my fathers heart attack. Now, one might not think we could be prepared for a heart attack but I do believe we can at least have planned or been prepared for such an event. The first steps one might take is eating healthy, getting appropriate exercise and following doctors orders. This might not prepare us for a heart attack but being healthy might lessen the possibility of having a heart attack. The second step would be to have health insurance and a Will of some sort. You might also want to educate your self on the warning signs of a heart attack.
Another event was our lost luggage when flying over the holidays. How could I have possibly been prepared for that? I should have and will now always carry on my bags. When we traveled this last time we had one small bag to check and one carry on bag. Had I thought about this in advance and not been lazy we could have carried on both bags. Another option had my checked bag been larger would have been to add a change of clothing for each of us in our carry on bag. Being a seasoned flyer I knew the risks of lost luggage but I failed to prepare.
Lastly, I want to share our experience with acute bronchitis. After all our travels my husband and I came down with bronchitis and even shared it with our son. With all three adults in our home very ill we were in a sort of lock down. We put all visitors off limits to our home. We were quite ill for about ten days. When we returned home from traveling we had no fresh foods in our home as we had planned to shop for groceries over the weekend when time allowed. As ill as we were we only had enough energy to visit the doctor. What help our situation the most was our stored food and first aid supplies we had put aside for an unexpected emergency. We settled in and waited for our health to improve and stayed warm despite the freezing weather outside. I thought about how bad it could have been if our pantry was not stocked as completely as it was. At this point we have a two to three week supply of dried and canned goods that could see us through an emergency depending on how much family we would be cooking for. Looking forward we are hoping to stocking an even longer emergency food supply. So, as this little prepping bug catches hold I will probably be writing more about our journey into the world of prepping. So, off I go now to start preparing for some of those events I have listed. 
Readers, Are you prepared? Do you have something to add to this list. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. 


  1. Hello Grandma .Long time no see.Glad you are still going strong
    I am glad I did the first aid course before my daughter was born.Was a lifesaver in several situation.No matter how careful you are danger is everywhere with little ones.Just the other day I looked at my daughter,4.5Y now and her eyes were pulling out,she was choking and her face was turning blue.I called ambulance at once and almost at the same time put her on my knee and gave her a big whack on her back.Big peace of lollipop,round flat one came out.Few worst minutes of my life!!

  2. When we travel by air. I pack some of my clothing in my Hubs bag and some of his in mine... just in case one of ours gets lost. If we lose both then we are sol. I also carry a change of underwear in our carry ons so we can at least have fresh panties.
    Sorry to hear you were so sick... That sounds like it was a rough time. My Hubs is a hoarder and has more food than we can eat in 2 months. Maybe that is a good thing.

    Stay warm Bonnie... and stay well. Hugs to you!

  3. I'm reading an interesting book about bug out bags. It has a lot of goods survival tips.

  4. My younger son, age 15, is very into prepping. He's our 'go-to' guy to keep us on track. Our biggest problem is with the food. With two teenage boys in the house it's hard to keep extra food.

  5. Oh, man. Hope you and your family are doing better. My better half is a huge prepper and we are stocked but we do need to get the life insurance and will done. Thanks for the article. Made me think.

  6. Wonderful post --and one we ALL need to heed. We 'try' to be prepared --but one can never be TOO prepared I guess… I do know that on one of our planned trips out west in 2012, I REFUSED to allow us to drive our old 2004 Prius since it had 250 thousand miles on it… It had never given us one single problem --and hubby was willing to take it… I put on my brakes. I did not want to get out west in some unknown area and have car trouble. SO--we spent some extra money and rented a car. I was GLAD we did that… I felt MUCH safe.

    One never know what the next minute or second can be in our lives. Life can change in a split second. A few weeks ago, we almost had a head-on accident. We were driving on a two-lane busy road --and this car just started coming straight toward us. We were within 20 feet of maybe losing our lives. We curved off of the road and went into a ditch… The other car just kept on going… LUCKILY (the angels were with us)--the ditch wasn't steep and there were no poles or trees to hit. We just worked our way through that ditch until we could get back up on the road. No harm --or damage (other than a very very dirty bottom of our car). We were really shaken --and I cried after it was over and thanked God. It took us both a few days to get over that trauma. George is a calm person and he seemed to know exactly what to do. Thanks to my Sweetie. Made me think about how life can change in an instant… Made me appreciate it MUCH more.

    Great post, my Friend. So sorry you had such a rough time.

  7. I think you can never be to prepared. At this point in my life we are going through such a crazy schedule that we are not as prepared as I would like to be.