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Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Honor of My Mother

I am writing this in Honor of my mother today. I have been meaning to write this post for some time now. It is probably the hardest post I have ever written. My mother would have been 74 this week. She passed away thirteen years ago.  She died from an overdose of a chemotherapy drug. We watched her suffer a severely painful death as the drug took a week to slowly tear her away from her family. Some day I may be able to write more about her last days here on earth but for now I just need to say I miss her dearly.

Thank you mom for being a wonderful mother and friend. You gave so much and never asked for anything in return. Thank you for all your sacrifices they have not been forgotten.  I wish you could have been here to see your grandchildren grow up and see their children (your great grandchildren). We miss you dearly. You will remain in our hearts forever. 


  1. I have often wondered if chemo would be the way to treat cancer or try to do it another way. It is so hard to decide when you have this terrible thing called cancer.
    You will probably always miss your Mom. I know I miss mine terribly. Hugs to you Bonnie.

  2. I'm sorry. You wrote a beautiful tribute.

  3. Hi Bonnie, I'm off this week but did read you post. SO--I wanted to write and say how sorry I am that your Mom died such a horrible death... I'm sure it still hurts you --when thinking about what happened... Prayers for you and the family--as you still mourn the death of your Mom 13 years ago... God Bless.

  4. Oh you really loved your mom and I am sure she loved you too. Was the over dose accidental or was it like a poisoning? I hear it is a rough drug. I am so sorry! Love, sandie

  5. Sweet Bonnie, The death of a loved one, especially a parent is difficult. Your Mom looks like such a good Mom. Thank you for sharing a portion of her story. HUGS!