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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Little Walk

It sure has been a long week around here. I have been kept busy with yard work, gardening and to many other things to mention. I worked in the garden a little this week and wanted to update you on the results of the Weed Free Raised Bed. Although I mentioned recently how it did not remain weed free but had developed a few weeds here and there. I want to let you know that I have not spent many hours weeding this year. I have over all probably weeded about three or four times. I would bet all in total I have not spent more than an hour or two in garden work.  I must admit I have not gotten as many vegetables as I had expected. But I believe the soil many need some amending next year. That may help it to produce a little more. While I have been busy in other parts of our yard I took a few pictures while I walked around our yard today. I just forgot to take photos of our garden. I will be sure to get a few photos of our garden before the season ends.

Our largest apple tree has produced well this year. I can hardly wait for the apples to ripen. They are almost ready. We have another apple tree planted at the same time but it has only started to produce this year. So we may only get a handful from the second tree if any at all.

While getting some photos of our flowers in the front flower bed I came across this dragonfly. It seems to be molting. That is if they molt. Does anyone know if they molt? I thought the wings were spectacular!

This is the grapevines on the left side of our home. They are hanging on an arbor and our gazebo. That is all from one vine. It started out on the arbor and has grown so much we added a fence to the side. When it out grew the fence we built the arbor to help support the vines.We have another vine on the right side of our home. I just forgot to take photos on that side of our home. I may do that in another post. Any how this vine has always produced well but not excessively.
Well, last year it did not produce at all. Not even one grape. I was happy to see this year that it has actually produced tons of grapes.
I stood under the gazebo to snap this shot. This is just a small section of the ceiling in the gazebo. These grapes should be ready to harvest some time in September. They are just amazingly  beautiful! Don't you think?
Well, that is all for today. I hope you all have a great weekend. 


  1. I didn't know you great grapes - they are beautiful!

  2. Wow --that's a great grapevine.. Are they grapes you can eat --or cook with, or make wine????? NEAT....

    Neat Dragonfly also... I too love those wings...

    What kind of apples? We had some apple trees in our yard growing up --but those green ables were too sour to eat. Mom cooked them --and THAT was good!

    Glad you are getting rid of most of the weeds. Weeding can take up alot of time.


  3. Your grapes look amazing! I have always wanted to grow grapes.

  4. I am going to come over to get some of those apples and grapes you have in abundance.

    I might just have to plant me a grapevine. I had planted 6 apple trees at the place I used to live.... then we moved. Now someone else is reaping the benefits of my apple trees.

  5. Oh I just love your gardens and fruit trees. Our apples have quit producing this year and we ended up letting more than half of the blueberries and grapes go to the birds. We did what we could do in between everything else we had to do. There are not enough hours in the day to keep up I tell you.

  6. Wow. Your grapevines seem to be doing well. It's great to see you growing so many things.