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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Missing Home

I have been away from home for almost three weeks. I have missed the usual walks my husband and I take  around our home and yard. We usually walk around our property two or three time a week. Often it is just to enjoy looking at certain plants and trees. Also its nice to know if something is not right or needs fixing.
Being the best husband there ever was he decided to take photos of his walk last week to share with me. What can I say except he is sweet like that. Now, I have all these pictures and I want to of course share them with you.
Well right off he found this critter hole. Fist thing is you have to watch and see who lives there. Some critters are welcome and some are not so welcome. We will have to wait and see. 

This is the view of our fish pond from our drive way. Lots of weeding to do there. I can't wait to get home and clear the weeds out.
Next, is the front flower bed. Weeds, weeds and more weeds. 
Blossoms in our apple tree. They sure are pretty this time of the year.
 Another view of the pond from our porch.
A view from the second fish pond. There are no fish in it now. Usually it will be filled with tad poles at this time of year. I will have to check that out when I get home.
My hubby could not leave out our grandson Little Bug. He is helping papa fix the lawn mower. He sure is a great helper.
Later that same day my hubby spotted this cute little critter hanging around. She is a mama. So I bet you can guess who is living in that hole.
After some observation. My dearest came to the conclusion there is a mama fox and four cubs (pups).
What do you think about our little walk? Do you have a morning routine you like to keep? 


  1. How Sweet your Hubby is to try and include you on his morning walks even though you aren't there. I can see why you would miss Home.

    Once you get back, you are going to be so busy playing catch up.

  2. Wow that is so awesome!! A fox hole!! I bet the kids will have a blast seeing them this summer and so will I!! You will have to show us when we visit. haha. How close to the house is the hole? I bet little bug was happy to see them. We do not have a routine, except on school days of course but that's just getting ready the same way every day. Looks like spring finally came to your house!! Enjoy those blossoms cause I know I do every year!! Oh yea my iris's are already here and gone and I thought they were summer flowers. :(

  3. What a lovely home your have grandma - no wonder you missed it. sandie

  4. You have a lovely place, and I'd miss it too. I would love to have foxes in my yard.

  5. How wonderful of your hubby to send you those photos. I can only imagine how much you miss being at home. Hope you will get to go home soon.

    I love your fish ponds and that new bridge...Awesome!!!!

    Are the fox family welcomed in that hole??????? We have rabbit holes nearby --but I haven't seen any foxes close to here.


  6. Those fox pics are the coolest! Your hubby sounds sweet

  7. Wow. Awesome fox pictures!

  8. The owner sees weeds, but the visitor sees the beautiful tulips and pond! I'm that way with my house - I see all the dirt and clutter, but inside I hope company doesn't see it. LOL