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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Farm Field Trip

This week my granddaughter's kindergarten class had a field trip to a farm. Although I was unable to be there to enjoy the experience with her I was sent some awesome pictures of the trip. Pumpkins mother was able to chaperon on the trip and shared the fun with me.
Pumpkin holding a chick. What a cute little fluff ball. You would have thought all the little girls would want to hold a little baby chick.
That sure is a fluffy calf. At first I thought it was a pony. 

Now, look where Pumpkin has got her head. She sure is not afraid of animals. Must be because she has been around animals since she was a baby. 

Last but not least Pumpkin learned to milk a cow. She has one up on her grandma. I have never learned to milk a cow.  What do you think readers? Was that a nice field trip for kindergarten? Have you ever milked a cow?


  1. Kids LOVE petty zoos don't they - no matter what age. sandie

  2. Hahahaha.... lucky pumpkin didn't get her head stuck in that fence. Petting zoos are so much fun for kids. Especially those who don't live on a farm

  3. We had a wonderful time at Green Meadows Farm in Frederick, MD. Thank you for sharing this. I was hoping that you would. ;) She asked me before we even left if we could come back to visit in the summer. I think we will. Maybe she would love to share the fun with her little sis.

  4. I thought that cow was a pony too! Cute pictures - looks like she had a blast.

  5. We have some cows that are fluffy living near us...so cute! I've milked a cow and my kids have milked a cow (several times)! We ♥ fresh, raw milk, but now that we live in the city, it's too hard to find at a reasonable price.

    Hope Pumpkin didn't get her head caught in the fence...lol

  6. I thought the calf was a pony too. It sure is fluffy. I have milked a cow. We visit a farm several times a year for the boys to enjoy. They love it.