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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be Prepared For Weather Emergencies

When bad weather strikes are you prepared? I am talking about tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and other bad weather events.

Because of the recent tornadoes I have been looking over our emergency plans and have found some ways to improve our plans here at home. Our home is on the outer edge of what some might call tornado alley. We have tried to be prepared for the worst but there is always room for improvement.
After researching on line I have found a few helpful tips and resources I would like to share with my readers.

The first tip is make a plan. This plan should include answers to some what if questions.
Example: If  bad weather is approaching where will we take shelter? Answer this question for the places you spend most of your time. Such as home, school, work, neighbors, grandmas, neighborhood park, car and other places. Go over these answers with your family including your children.
Relatives in other states should also know where you plan to take shelter. In an emergency your relatives would know where to find your children if they were separated from you.
Each person in your family should know where your emergency supplies are kept. This would include a first aid kit, flash lights, blankets, emergency contact lists, medications, and other important supplies. Find a list of ideas for emergency supplies here.
Work out a communication plan. During an emergency or disaster it might be easier to call out of town or state. Choose as a contact a person who lives out-of-state for household members to notify they are safe in the event that they are separated from you. This would be a good way to pass on important information.
Do not depend on phone lists in your cell phone. Make a back up emergency contact card for each family member.
I found the following links to some helpful prints outs that can help you with your emergency planning.

Family Emergency Plan Worksheet from FEMA

Child's Emergency Contact Card

Helpful emergency tips.

Information on communicating with family during an emergency.

Tornado safety tips.

These are only my thoughts on being prepared for weather emergencies. The tips and lists mentioned are not a complete list or plan. When planning for an emergency you should search many resources and compile your own complete list per your families needs.

So what do you think? Do you have any tips you would like to pass on? How are you prepared for bad weather?


  1. Those are good ones and we should be ready for emergencies. sandie

  2. Thanks.....we all need to take another look at our emergency plans to make sure that we have implemented what it takes to keep our family safe...
    Have a good rest of the week

  3. Great info and advice, Bonnie. It's definitely good to be prepared... We have had tornadoes around here --but not many and not often. BUT--there's always a first time...

    The one thing I need to do is to put together some emergency supplies... I know where we'll go in the interior of the house ---but don't really have supplies all in one place.

    Thanks for the info.
    P.S. Are you home now?

  4. Thanks for the tips. I didn't think of having phone numbers actually written down for each family member. What a great idea!

  5. Great Tips Bonnie. It is so important to know what to do before something like this happens

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these tips. Our weather has been insane this year. When I do have time to jump online, the weather prevents it. I'm going to be prepared though for our next storm which should be today as we have them daily now.
    Thanks again for the tips. I'm going to send your link to all of my family.