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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Starting Vegetable Seeds With Recycled Containers

Even though it's still cold and actually raining like crazy outside at this time. I have been planning my summer vegetable garden. I have been saving lots of food containers for this project. I like to reuse as many plastic containers as possible. I though about buying those nice little gardening posts that degrade in the soil once planted. It would be nice to have such gardening supplies but I am a penny pincher by nature and lets face it reusing and recycling is free.
First collect your supplies.
Garden Record Notebook
Poke holes in the bottom of your containers. Three to four holes will be sufficient.
Optional step: Glue the container lids to the bottom rim of the container. This should catch excess water.
Now add soil to the containers. I am planting tomatoes in these containers so I added crushed egg shell to the bottom layer of soil. Then I added more soil on top.The egg shell will help prevent blossom end rot on my tomatoes.
Next press seeds into the soil. I pressed three seeds into the soil cups. I will thin and keep the best in the pot until time for planting in my garden.
I labeled each container with seed type and germination rate. If some seeds do  not sprout in time I can quickly add more seeds. 
I used deli containers, fast food containers, vegetable containers that held mushrooms and strawberry containers.  The last container I used was a deli chicken container that I made a little green house for my grandson and his eggplant seeds.

Well folks that's all for today. How are your garden plans coming along? Have you recycled anything lately?


  1. I do the same thing Bonnie. I use everything I can find to plant my seedlings in.

    I might have to grow some eggplant too!!

  2. Hey that is a heck of a good idea. sandie

  3. I am planting some hot peppers right now. They are miniature ones that can grow in pots. I hope they come up.

  4. Great tips. I need to start some seeds.

  5. Love this idea. I need to start some seeds.

  6. I have my seeds just need to get moving. U my dear are so cleaver!

  7. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.