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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Disney Pixar's Brave Merida Costume

My grandchildren love playing dress up. That's is why I was so excited to review the this beautiful costume from Costume Discounters. After looking over their girls costumes for hours on end my granddaughters decided their favorite costume was the Child Disney Pixar's Classic Brave Merida costume.
Can you imagine when our package arrived how happy and excited two little girls could get? I could hardly wait to see my granddaughters in this costume. The dress is a beautiful blue with sheer gold trim and has a cameo pin of Merida as an accent. With a straight neckline and diagonally cut sleeves and a flared skirt any little girl can become princess Merida.
The features I like best on the costume are the gold brocade trim on the dress bodice, the fine gold trim on the sleeves and the gold metal buckle accenting the belt.
The costume is easy for my granddaughters to wear with out help. The dress closure is Velcro and the belt is also attached with a Velcro closure.
My thoughts about the costume will be that any little girl would be thrilled to wear this costume for Halloween or dress up every day.
The costume came with a gold belt that completes the costume perfectly. We were so excited to try the costume on that we forgot to get pictures of the belt on the costume. But do not worry we got some pictures of the belt after my granddaughters were tucked into their beds.
Velcro closure at the neck.

Gold brocade hem.
Sheer gold trim on sleeves. 

Cameo pin.
Gold belt.

Being a customer at Costume Discounters has kept me informed of all the costume news on what is now trending in children and toddler's costumes. 
Everyone knows how children love to play pretend dress up. My grandchildren are no different. We all enjoy seeing our children or grandchildren playing princess, pirates or even the Easter bunny! Being able to give them many costumes to dress up and play their favorite character will encourage creativity. This will help our children to grow into creative adults. 
What activities do you encourage  to help develop creativity in your children or grandchildren?


  1. How Cute she is in that costume Bonnie!! LOL... look at her model it for you.

  2. Beautiful costume.... Your granddaughter is precious!!!! When my sons were little, there were no costume shops to visit ---so we made up our own back then!!!! Lots of creativity though..


  3. She makes a beautiful little princess!

  4. She is just so stinkin cute!! I love her!! Thank you

  5. Oh so cute and your little model is adorable. I love to see children dressing up in play clothes. Love seeing their imagination at work