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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Could This Be The Last Snow Of The Season?

I was sitting at our window this morning watching a robin that has been hanging around for a few days now. She seems to have an injured leg. I have been watching her hopping around our pond eating little bits here and there. This morning while watching her I got to wondering if the melting snow drifts in our yard would be the last of the snow this year. I really do hope that this warm spell is here to stay. I am a little itchy to get to work in my garden.
Little Bug Stopped by for a visit today. I could tell he was feeling a little cooped up right along with his grandma. So, I decided we had better enjoy the last of the melting snow together. I gave him his sand pail and a garden spade and let him play in what little snow we had left in our back yard.
"I'm going to dig a tunnel"
"Grandma, my feet are stuck!"
"Grandma, you can't catch me!"
Little Bug's visit gave my spirits a big lift today. I hope it will last until Easter. What kind of day did you have today? Do you think we will get any more snow? Is this warm weather here to stay?


  1. I sure hope this was the Last of the snow. I am so sick of it.

  2. Grandchildren have a way about them --which raises our spirits for sure!!!!

    We finally got some sunshine today --which I loved after days and days and days of snow/clouds/dreariness....Now--I hope we finally get some spring!!!!

    Since it was sunny (although we did have a cold wind) --I got to take a short walk today... Felt good!!

  3. Oh that does look fun. But no more snow - enough already!