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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crock Pot Cookies

As promised here is the second half of our busy weekend post. Sunday's main event went down a lot quicker than our long Saturday. 
We were expecting our grandson Little Bug to visit on Sunday afternoon. When ever Little Bug stops over to visit he likes to have a treat or two from grandma and grandpa. I usually make him cookies or buttermilk biscuits. Both are his favorite. I do plan to share these two recipes with you all soon. They are very unique recipes as they are gluten free and paleo based. I made up the cookie dough and set it in the refrigerator to chill. Then I put dinner in the oven to bake. I decided to mix up a batch of biscuits to go with our dinner. 
Just as I turned to set the biscuit dough on the stove top to rise a loud bang came from inside the oven. A big puff of smoke came out the back of the oven. The control panel on the stove top went blank. 
Not sure what happened at this point my husband turned off the breaker to the stove and set about lighting the grill out on our deck. While my husband finished making dinner on the grill. I fretted over not having a treat in our house that Little Bug would be allowed to eat. Then I remembered seeing a recipe some where about baking a cake in a crock pot. If someone could bake a cake in a crock pot I figured I cold bake cookies in my crock pot. 
This is what I did. First I turned the crock pot on high(with the lid on). I found a 7 inch cake pan that fit nicely inside. I rolled out and cut the dough. I fit cookies in the pan. Then I laid three spoons in the bottom of the crock pot to keep the pan off the bottom and allow air to circulate under the pan. I put the pan in the crock pot trying to keep it in the center with a little space on the sides. I first set a timer for 20 minutes and checked often. After 45 minutes the cookies were done.  
Our visit with Little Bug went over perfectly. He had his special treats and I learned a new cooking skill. My oven is not working until now. We are waiting on a part that had to be ordered. Next time I buy a new stove I will not be buying one with a digital control panel. I will get an old fashioned gas stove! Lesson learned modern is not always great. 


  1. Crock pot cookies - why I never...

  2. They were delicious! Though I've heard of crock pot cake, I never thought to use a crock pot to bake cookies.

  3. Sorry to hear about your oven, but you are so smart to use the crockpot for cookies!

  4. I would have never thought to use my crock pot.Hope you fix your oven soon.

  5. I was looking at how I could bake corn bread in my little crock pot and found that I could turn my pot on high, put the bread batter directly in the pot and time for it to be done was on a peak and see method. I found that it was done perfectly in 45 min. Now I am researching everything I want to bake, including cookies!! Thank you