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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sukey's Circle DVD Review

By now everyone knows how much I like Sukey Molloy's music. My grandchildren and I have been fans ever since I reviewed I Am Happy by Sukey Molloy. Any time I play a music CD from Sukey my grand children's eyes light up and they sing along to their favorite songs. I like to play her music on long car rides with the grandchildren. This keeps them happy and relaxed. We all know how hard long car rides can be on little children.
Today I have been given the privilege to review a DVD " Sukey's Circle" volume 1. The episodes on the DVD are These Are My Eyes, Tick Tock, I Like To Move My Body and Tick Tock Gets Dressed. The DVD runs 28 minutes long. I played the DVD for Little Bug and he joined in and tried to sing and move right along with Sukey, Tick Tock and Sunny.
I was able to get a little video clip on the down low because Little Bug does not like to be recorded. The clip might be a little dark but I think it is clear enough that you will see how much he enjoys interacting with Sukey's Circle.
Little Bug asked to watch the DVD repeatedly the first time we played it. I finally had to distract him by offering to let him feed the animals with me. After the third time through I felt it was too much TV time for his age. It sure does show how much he enjoyed the DVD. I know he will ask me to play it often. I can hardly wait to share the DVD with my other grandchildren. We will be traveling to see each of them very soon. I will be sure to come back and up date this post with all their reactions after our trip.

Lets talk a little about the DVD. The first selection on the DVD is These Are My Eyes. Sukey asks the children to point to their eyes, nose mouth and ears. She goes on to identify other body parts with the children. Watching Little Bug singing These Are My Eyes with Sukey makes me want to join in all the fun.
My favorite episode on the DVD is "I like to Move My Body". Teaching children to follow directions, move body parts and enjoy exercising all at the same time. I will be using the DVD as a learning tool for my youngest grandchildren. I really like when learning is so much fun that children do not even realize they are learning.

Any one of Sukey Molloy's music CD's or DVD's would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas. Stop over at http://www.sukeymolloy.com/shop/ and find a perfect gift for that special child in your life.

Stay tuned for my next review: "I Like to Sing" by Sukey Molloy

I received the above mentioned DVD to review in exchange for an honest opinion.


  1. Oh this looks great! We have a three year old grandson that I think would love this. Thanks!

  2. I know I can always count on you to come up with great Christmas gift ideas for my Grandson. Thanks Bonnie

  3. Little Bug looks so happy. Very cute.