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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reverse Charades Junior Edition Review & Giveaway

We have a holiday tradition in our family of playing family games at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually we find a fun game and play the game all day and sometimes right into the night. One year we had a paintball battle in about a foot of snow. Another year we played Dance Dance Revolution on Xbox for three days. We have played Wii games, and many popular board games. The only rules we have are everyone must participate and have fun. Yes grandma, grandpa and even great grandpa played paint ball and DDR. Now that our grandchildren are getting old enough to participate in our holiday gaming events we had to find a game they could play and enjoy along with the rest of the family.

Along comes Reverse Charades Junior Edition to answer the quest for a family game even my young grandchildren can enjoy.Listed for ages 6 and up this game is fantastic even for my two and three year old grandchildren.

There are five rules for the game. You all know grandma does not break rules! Then there is the "Disclaimer: By reading this card, you agree to play by the rules, the complete rules and nothing but the rules, unless, of course, you get some totally cool ideas of new ways to play Reverse Charades..." 

I decided we are changing up the game to include all my grandchildren. Each team will have two little ones on their team. As long as a grown up reads the word in play my grandchildren should have a blast. The main idea of the game is to have one team member guessing the word and the rest of the team acting the word out.      

A one minute timer is included in the game.I expect we will have hours of fun with the 720 kid tested words for ages 6 and up. I can hardly wait to guess lots of words acted out by my grands. I invite you all to stop over and check out Reverse Charades. There are many different editions available from the Original version, the Girls Night Out Edition, a Sports Edition and even a Holiday Edition. No need to worry about running out of interesting words to select from as there are many expansion packs to add more fun to the game. 
I am very happy with the Junior Edition of the game. I am going to enjoy every minute playing Reverse Charades with my entire family.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Now available in over 1,800 select stores in the U.S., Canada and abroad (including Barnes & Noble, Hallmark, Learning Express and Books-a-Million) and on Amazon

How would you like to win the Reverse Charades Junior Edition? This would make a great Christmas present for your child or grandchild! Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win! Please play fair and complete each required task before hitting enter. I do moderate each entry. 
I received the above mentioned product in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I would love to try the original reverse charades!

  2. I would like the Jr. Edition for ages 6+

  3. Looks like a fun game! We always enjoy board games.

  4. I would love to try the Jr. Edition. We are planning on a family game each week and this game is perfect.

  5. I think when I went over to enter another giveaway, I mixed the tweets up. So here is the tweet to this one.

  6. I would love the junior version for my grandson this Christmas. sandie

  7. The junior edition - i have 9 grand children.

  8. Thanks again! Awesome!