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Saturday, November 3, 2012

DIY Oil Candle Craft

I have seen many versions of a homemade oil candle on Pinterest lately. I decided to try my hand at making an old fashioned oil candle with a modern country look.

Materials list:
Canning jar with lid and ring
Cotton bakers twine
Olive oil
Acrylic paint (optional)
Fresh cut or artificial flowers (optional)

First braid three strands of the bakers twine together and soak the length in a little olive oil. Fill the canning jar with water to an inch or inch and a half from the rim of the jar. Slowly pour the olive oil on to the water. The oil will float on top. Poke a small hole into the middle of the lid. The twine should fit in the hole tightly. Pull the braided twine just a bit through the hole in the lid. Place the lid on the jar.Tighten the ring and light the tip of the twine. As the twine burns you will need to pull the twine up every now and again or the flame will extinguish. I use a pair of tweezers to do this. 
Using water helps to reduce the amount of oil you will need. If you have a smaller glass jar such as a baby food jar you probably would not need water. While you are burning the candle the oil heats slightly. Heated oil will turn rancid if not used in a timely manner. There for using water to reduce the amount of oil I use to make the candle will ensure the oil will be used up in a few days of burning the candle.
I made another candle by floating fresh cut flowers in the water before adding the oil. Next time I will add a few drops of food coloring to the water. 
I wanted to try my hand at painting a canning jar for the next candle. I drew a little design on paper. Then tucked the paper on the inside of the jar. I then blotted a thin layer of  craft acrylic paint (color khaki) on to the jar with a paper towel. The paint was thin enough so I could see the drawing through the paint. I painted the design then let dry. A layer of clear coat will make the painting water proof. 

What kind of crafts have you made recently? I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have a great day!


  1. How nice Bonnie! This would be a great idea to have all ready for when the lights go out.

  2. These are really cute. I would be scared to have something like that around with my 3 boys though!

  3. Neat candles, Bonnie. You are quite talented... I am not a 'crafty' person ---as I'd much rather be outside working in the yard!!!!! ha....

    I do like candles --and have several around my home... This time of year, I like the spicey smelling ones...Then, for Christmas, I like the evergreen smelling ones.


  4. I've never seen anything like this before! Looks so festive and inviting! Love this idea!

  5. Using the olive oil is a great idea, I never would have thought of that.