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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Count Down to Christmas Plus Giveaway!

What makes Christmas special for you and your family?
Little family moments make our holiday special. It is the little things like making cookies, decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, a family get together, wish lists from little children and holiday cards. All these little moments wrapped up in a bow make Christmas memories dear to me. 
Our family has created many traditions through out the years. We have had to make some changes in recent years with my children moving away, getting married and starting their own families. Last year we opened gifts while on line with Skype. This year I have had to put up my tree for the first time in my entire life before Thanksgiving. I was just a little reluctant. Had I needed to do this a few years ago I would have refused. Now the new and improved grandma has learned to deal with a changing world and as long as we get to make special Christmas memories with our grandchildren it does not matter when, where and how they are made. This week I have had several opportunities to make memories with and for my grandchildren. Little Bug and I made cookies and decorated the tree. My grandchildren that live in different states received very special Christmas cards to help start creating our holiday memories. Thanks to Hallmark cards it was so easy to create those special moments that can be remembered for a life time. 
The cards I sent to my grandchildren are very special cards. The first is an interactive Countdown card. You can set it to count down the days until Christmas day or to count down the day until grandma arrives. Another card is a recordable greeting card. The idea is to have your child or grandchild record a wish list to be sent to Santa. These cards are very special keepsake cards. 
Not being able to be a part of my grand children's holiday memories would be very hard for me. Thanks to Hallmark I can be a part of the early holiday preparations even when we are far apart. 

Sweet Pea

With the simple directions I set the count down. If you are from my generation setting the countdown was like setting a digital watch. I mailed the card to my youngest granddaughter Sweet Pea. 

My oldest granddaughter recorded her wish list on her very special card. We have planned a Skype session for later this week so I can hear her recorded wish list. 
I talked to their parents and the grandchildren were thrilled to receive mail and open their cards. They check the count down daily to remember the big day is on the way.

Little Bug
Little Bug enjoyed his card. He pretended to read it for a long while. The card was decorated in glitter. He got a little glitter on his hands and thought that it was snow from Santa.  

My daughter even captured videos of my oldest grandson Pooh Bear and my youngest grandson Little Roo with their Hallmark card. ( Roo is my newest grandchild's nick name. That would be Roo from Winnie The Pooh.)

I will translate Little Roo's video for you. "Hi grandpa and grandma. Thank you for the yummy card. Mommy said I have to play with my ball instead of eating the card. Merry Christmas everyone."
Along with the Signature Collection greeting cards Hallmark also sent me a boxed set of beautiful greeting cards that is just perfect for sending cards to my entire family and friends.

How would you like to have as much fun as I had with these awesome cards?  You grandchildren or children will love every moment of making memories. Just enter the rafflecopter below. You can purchase Hallmark cards on line or at a Hallmark store near you.

Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned cards in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. My favorite memory is when my daughter was a baby and sat in her jumparoo while we opened presents.

  2. I loved Christmas when my kids were little. I had enough lights on the house to burn down the neighborhood. Decorations from my childhood were mixed with new ones that I hoped would create good memories. But you know what? When my kids grew up, I found that I just wasn't that interested anymore. Not in a bah humbug sort of way. More in a passing of the torch sort of way, I guess. Now that my daughters have children of their own, I'm content to sit back and let them take the lead in creating Christmas for their children. I still love Christmas, but in a more passive, reflective sort of way. Hmmm.

  3. I loved reading about your grands - and Christmas is right around the corner. Opening gifts on Skype - I have to remember that. sandie

  4. Being a GRANDma myself, I could tell exactly what little Roo was saying. He inspired me to maybe make some edible greeting cards for my own little GRANDson! Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!

  5. My favorite holiday tradition is spending the day with family. No T.V or distractions.

  6. Ohhhh... how adoreable they all are Bonnie. You are blessed.

  7. My favorite memory is waiting for Santa to come with my sister.