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Friday, November 9, 2012

C-Line Products #shopletreviews

Today I am reviewing two very interesting products from C-Line and Shoplet.com.

Being a product reviewer I try to stay organized with review dates and product information. There are times when I get swamped with multiple products arriving in the mail all on the same day. There are other days I may not receive any products but have a busy schedule that interferes with my reviewing time. With a few of the right office supplies I can be organized with my review guidelines, due dates and information sheets.
The first product that is going to help me organizing my review information is the C-line Bound Sheet Protector Presentation book. The presentation book is great for professional project presentations. This would be great for school and business projects. When I taught second grade ESL I used a similar presentation book to keep my original copies for tests and quizzes. This presentation book is of much higher quality. The 12 top loading clear sheet protectors are made with archival quality poly. The spine insert is reversible allowing the spine insert to be labeled. There is a free downloadable template that can be found on c-line's website to label the spine insert.
My intended use is to keep review guidelines of up coming products I have in order of the date received.  I plan to keep the review guidelines for the product review I am working on in the inside front storage pocket.
The sheet protectors are clear, acid-free and fit 8 1/2" x 11" pages.
I really think this would also make a great school science fair presentation book or perhaps hold pages of recipes printed from the Internet. The plastic sheet protectors would wipe off nicely in case of cooking splatters. I could also use it to hold 24 8x10 photos of my grandchildren. Well, now I need to order a few extras to have around the house for all my new ideas.

Next up for review is the C-line Expanding File with Handles.

This is a professional style expanding file that looks like a briefcase. It is a fantastic portable traveling filing system. With 13 clear pockets and 12 color coded tab dividers it makes a great organized file system to take with me when I travel to visit my grandchildren.
Having a Velcro closure to secure the filed content is going to make traveling with my review materials a snap. The large expanding pocket file can hold up to 300 pages. I slipped in a color coded tab so you might see how easy it is to be organized with this feature.

I am very happy with my C-line office products. I am sure they will keep my pending reviews organized and easy to complete.

I received the above mentioned product to review from Shoplet.com in exchange for an honest opinion.


  1. What great products and we could all use office supplies that help us stay organized. I like the expandable filing system best. I can think of a dozen things to keep in mine. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I love staying organized. These look like great products.

  3. Well now... how cool is that. This should keep you right on track.

  4. This would make a great Christmas gift. I know 3 people right now who could use one of these.