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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Painting In The Kitchen

I have been keeping busy lately. I had mentioned before that I was doing some painting in my kitchen. I am enjoying the fun of doing a project myself instead of passing the work off onto someone else. Although I am certainly not an expert in painting I am willing to learn along the way.
I have looked through my photo archives to find a before photo. Hm, I was sure I had many pictures of family gatherings in my kitchen. Oh, duh! They were on the other hard drive that is lost forever to the blue screen of death..
This is a partial photo of my green cupboards behind my grandchildren. there are two colors of counters by the stove they are old reddish cranberry and to your left a grayish black that was an emergency replacement a few years ago.
A close up of the wall paper and counter. I had just started paint the cupboards in this photo. You can see a bit at the bottom. No more green!
Here the cupboards are semi finished and the walls have been painted.
I am working on the counters this week. I have scrubbed sanded and put the first coat on. After the second coat I will look for hardware for my cupboards. We are totally still up in the air about the floor. I want to try painting. I am almost worried I might be biting off more than I want to chew.
What have you been up to? I hope you have been enjoying a lovely week.


  1. Oh my goodness you were a busy girl. I have to tell you the truth - I have troubles finding my counters - let alone resand and update them! lol

  2. Your counters look good. I like the green color. On another related note, It is so sad when pictures get lost. My mom had all the photos from my first year of life in the car with her, when I was two. She was driving to show her mom the pictures. Her car got stolen, and we never got the photos back. It's so sad!
    lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com

  3. they look much better than the old color lol

  4. You've been hard at work! And it's looking great!

  5. You are moving right along. Can't wait to see when you finish it.

  6. I am still waiting to see how your counters turn out before I do my bathroom. You need to let me know if it is durable enough for a bathroom.