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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hon Ignition HIWM2 Mid Back Management Chair #shopletreviews

Have you ever wanted a nice chair for your home office? I have thought about finding a desk chair with good back support. I sit at my desk for long stretches at a time. My back can begin to ache and my legs go numb from poor circulation. A good chair can solve these problems and more. Well, thanks to my favorite office supply store I have a new office chair for my blogging corner.
The chair I received to review is a HON Ignition HIWM2 Mid Back Management Chair. I have a couple nice looking office chairs but they are not comfortable when sitting for long hours.

With my new chair I am able to sit for a longer time period with out feeling a strain on my back muscles. The Hon Ignition Work Mid-back Chair has been designed to adjust to fit different body types. The arms can adjust to your preferred height and move out for more width in the seat area. The photo below shows the left arm raised to the maximum height and the right arm moved to the lowest setting.

As with most office chairs this chair can be raised or lowered to accommodate long or shorter legs. The back of the chair can be raised or lowered so the contour will fit to your body. This feature makes it great for back support. The chair also can tilt back allowing a person to adjust the back angle to ones preference. One more plus to this chair it is available in many upholstery options including a mesh back. I just love the mesh back. Air flow is very important to me when sitting for long hours. I like to work in comfort when sitting at my computer. With all the adjustment set to fit myself I am so excited to sit right down and get started on some long over due writing assignments.
My family usually likes to confiscate my review products with in minutes or days of completing a review. With this chair there has been a lot of begging and pleading. I am keeping the chair folks! Not, sharing with anyone! Well, maybe my sweet husband can use it from time to time. What type of chair do you like to work in? Do you sit for long hours writing or working? Perhaps you could use a desk chair from Shoplet.com.
I received the above mentioned product to review from Shoplet.com in exchange for an honest opinion


  1. looks pretty comfy to me! I thinking that this one gets a GOOD review. Your place sounds familiar..everyone around here always wants what is MINE. somehow, I end up with the left overs on everything...
    Enjoy your day.

  2. I have problems with my back from sitting at the computer so long. This would be great!!

  3. The chair looks awesome. Something I need for my computor use =)

  4. I also wanted to say that that chair looks light enough to carry so I wouldn't hurt my back moving it.

  5. I bet you can get a lot of work done sitting in that comfy chair.

  6. Definitely could use that for my hubby - his beat-up, taped-up sad-looking chair really needs to go.

  7. I like to look of this chair. I like lighter chairs so moving them is not such a chore.