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Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Good Morning My Love"

Music CD Review:
Good Morning My Love by Vered

The re-mastered edition of Good Morning My Love (featuring two new songs) is being released on October 23. Good Morning My Love is a children/parents award winning music CD.
I have been listening to this CD for about a week now and I can certainly see why the album won a Parents' Choice Gold Award. The music and lyrics are very different and interesting. I am amazed how relaxing it is to listen to the music.
One of the reasons I decided to review this CD was when I was raising my children I followed the attachment parenting method. The album is not your usual kids music but its purpose is to help new parents bond with their babies. The music is written and grounded in the attachment theory. Vered has an education in clinical psychology and leads over fifty baby/parent workshops every year. This album will help parents enjoy those little moments in life and help parents use music to establish routines,soothe and build security.
"Good Morning My Love" Track List
Good Morning My Love
Hands in My Mouth
One Day
Flying Hands
When You Smile
Ah Ah
Don't Leave Me
New Words
At 63
My favorite is track two "Hands in My Mouth" It brought back memories of my children teething  on their fingers. My grandchildren will enjoy the CD and so will their parents. My daughter and sons are all raising their children by the attachment parenting method. I know they will get lots of use from this CD.
I would like you to hear a small sample of Vered musics. Enjoy the clip and tell me what you think.

You can purchase the CD here.
I received the above mentioned CD to review in exchange for an honest opinion.