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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did You Say Zebra Pens?

Yes, I am reviewing Zebra Pens today from Zebra Pen and Shoplet.com.
I am going to tell you somethings today that I do not normally get into when reviewing a product. Zebra Pen Corporation was founded in 1982. It is a leader in manufacturing and selling writing instruments. They care about their customers and are committed to listening to what the customer wants and needs. Look at all these awesome pens. Each one is for a different writing experience.

New in 2012, Zebra Pen has introduced Z-Mulsion. That is a writing instrument with Emulsion ink! Emulsion ink is a blend of oil, water and pigment that makes a very smooth writing experience. I received a black and red Z-Mulsion pen to review. Well, I compared the Zebra Z-Mulsion EX Ballpoint Pen to a regular gel pen. I just have to say I love the Z-Mulsion experience. Smooth writing with out dragging. The pen glides smoothly over my page with out skipping or scratching.
For the young at heart Zebra pens have ball point Animals and Daisies Z-Grip pens. The designs are fun and fashionable for everyone. I have declared to all family members that the Fuchsia Daisies Z-Grip pen is my pen! No touching allowed!
Another Zebra pen that is a favorite of my husbands is the Zebra Sarasa Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pen. He prefers acid free ink for writing documents. The gel in this pen is water-based ink  that is acid-free. The gel delivers a smooth flowing ink that is perfect for document writing.
If you would like to see more Zebra pens such as the Cadoozles mechanical pencils, the Clip-on Pink Ribbon or the Zebra Eco pens made from post-consumer waste stop over to my favorite office supplies store and search Zebra pens. You will be amazed at the large selection of writing instruments.
If you would like to win a Zebra pen including a Z-Mulsion pen check out the giveaway!
I received the above mentioned product to review from Shoplet.com in exchange for an honest opinion.



  1. What a great review!! I have been looking for a small gift for a Daughter of a friend of mine and this would be great. Thanks!

  2. How cute! I love gel pens and thes look awesome. I'll have to keep an eye out for them!

  3. The pink pen is so cute! My niece would love it, since she is in an all pink, all the time phase. I'll have to pick one up for her!
    lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com

  4. Very interesting, had no idea what kind of ink pens even have! Thanks for the review.