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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Journal 10 2012-2022 Review

When I was asked to review the Journal 10 I was not sure what to expect. I have been thinking about keeping a journal for my grandchildren. My one worry is that I would be to busy to keep up with a proper journal. I have found the answer to that problem. The Journal 10 is a journal for busy people.
I will try to explain how this journal works. This is a record keeper that lasts ten years plus. Each page has a date. For example: Aug. 23rd is the date listed at the top. Along the side of the page are the years starting with 2012 and ending with 2022. Each year has four lines to write on for the date of Aug. 23rd. If four lines are not enough you are able to make a note in the margin and use a carry over page at the end of the journal.

I like writing but at times I don't have so much to say and a regular journal is very intimidating with a full empty page to fill. With just four lines to fill I will be able to jot down a few meaningful lines and keep on with my busy day.
There are many other features in this journal that make it unique. In the beginning of the pages you will find a long-term planner with a page for each year. The page has two columns one for goals and one for accomplishments. After the long-term planner you will find a 12 year calendar. Then comes the main journal section. There is a monthly overview page preceding each month. You will see a column for each year with a small space for each day of the month. This can be used to jot down a key word for special entries. This will make it easy to find special events you have written about. This section can also be used to record your weight, temperature, calorie count or blood pressure readings. After the journal pages you will find the carry-over pages I mentioned. Then an address book complete with spacing for address changes, phone numbers, fax and cell phone.
You would think this was all there could be to this journal but it keeps on going. The next section is for record keeping. The pages have two columns. One is marked for medical recording and one for automobile records.
Last but definitely very important. A special dates section. This is a great place to record birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events. Just imagine being able to look back easily and find the date of a certain event with out much effort at all.
The journal is beautiful bound and has two book marks to keep your place. I have not found a better journal myself. I plan to purchase a few for gifts. I know my children will like keeping one for family records.
Read more about the Journal10 here.
To purchase a Journal 10 visit here.
I received the above mentioned Journal to review in exchange for an honest opinion.


  1. This would be the perfect journal for me as well. I don't have time to write a lot but I'd also love to keep a journal for our grands. Thanks for an awesome review and for sharing.

  2. Hi Bonnie, Very nice journal... The only problem I would have is learning to write everything I wanted to write on those four lines!!!! BUT---it would be good to have a year to year accounting like that...

    Thanks for the review.

  3. What an interesting journal. I used to journal all the time. But then I took up blogging...