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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bubble Ride Review

Bubble Ride is a children's music CD by Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys.

Just reading the title makes you think " This has to be a lively music CD". Well, let me tell you it is very entertaining and lively. I had the grandchildren review it for me and they listened to it over and over. My grandchildren are like most other children they do not like riding in their car seats. We took the grands to the petting zoo, the trout farm, the wildlife preserve and a few other places when they were visiting. While they are great children they like to complain about riding in their car seats. I remembered I had this CD to review. I popped it into the CD player and wow, no complaints from that point on. Just singing bouncing and lots of laughing.
October 2nd release of Vanessa’s  CD, Bubble Ride (VeeTree Records, $14.98, runs 47 minutes, ages 1 – 8).
1. Moomooheehawbaabaaneigh
2. Peacock Walk
3. Spinning Around
 4. Tickle Monster
 5. One Fine Day
 6. Train Dance
 7. Bubble Ride
 8. Yo-Yo Song
 9. Hey Ho
 10. Mama Dada Blues
 11. Deep IN The Jungle
 12. What Am I To Do
 13. Free To Be You and Me
 14. Bye Bye song
Bonus Track
15. Laila's Rainbow Colors
Listen to or purchase Vanessa's music here.

I just love this CD. The array of songs makes it easy for each of my grandchildren to have a favorite. If you know how children work they each want to have a different favorite. I have two favorites on this CD. Moomooheehawbaabaaneigh and Tickle Monster. Even before hearing the song Tickle Monster we played the tickle monster game with our children and grandchildren all the time.
Vanessa Trien a singer-songwriter and children's performer, has two award-winning children's Cd's, Carnival Day and Hot Air Balloon. Vanessa has a master's degree in education, She has taught and preformed music for primary and elementary school-aged children in New York and Boston.

Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys-Fall 2012 Concert line up.
September 26   Alden Theatre       McLean, VA
October 14    Coolidge Corner Theatre     Brookline, MA
November 3   Regent Theatre       Arlington, MA

I received the above mentioned CD to review in exchange for an honest opinion.


  1. Tons of fun here...Kids love music and it's good for them..

  2. Thank you so much for this review. I have been searching for something to keep my grandson busy when we ride in the car. He loves anything happy and lively.

  3. This sounds like an adorable CD and indefinably one to consider purchasing. NONE of my grands like riding in a vehicle. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Love kids music! Thanks for reviewing!