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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Painting Day

Pooh Bear enjoying his day!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners

This is one awesome product. I am so thrilled to try the My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners. I can remember with my own children I had to pin the cuff of their pants up so they would not trip on them when out playing and climbing. Often parents buy pants a little long in order to allow for growth. When you have fast growing children it can be a fortune keeping them in jeans. With the Pant Cuff fasteners you can easily roll a cuff up and clip on a fastener. No sewing, cutting or pinning. As your child grows you can lower the cuff to accommodate the child. Best of all the same set can be moved from one pair to another in a flash. My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners does not leave marks on the fabric. They are lightweight and can be used on light and medium weight fabrics. Jeans work great with My Hikes fasteners.

After wearing the Cuff Fasteners out to play they did not slip or fall off. I was very worried that Pooh bear would knock them off with his rough play. They stayed with no problems. The Cuff Fasteners can be used to lift pants on a rainy or snowy day to keep pant hems from becoming wet or soiled. I give this product 5 stars*****

Would you like to purchase a pair of My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners? I have a coupon code for you!
You can use this coupon code immediately for 40% off. MyHikes40off8 at www.MyHikesUSA.com
Feel free to share this coupon with family and friends. Would you like to win a pair of Pant Cuff Fasteners? Enter the rafflecopter below!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Make Your Own Lavender Scented Bathroom Cleaner

We often have a problem with mold/mildew growing on the grout in one of our bathrooms. The bathroom I am having a problem with does not have a window for natural light and the only ventilation is the small ceiling fan. Using bleach to control the problem is not my favorite choice. I dislike using harsh chemicals in our home. I wanted to find a natural solution to the problem. I have often used vinegar as a mild household cleanser. Vinegar can be used to clean soap scum from shower walls and bathtubs and it can also kill mold. I first cleaned the bathroom and tile wall with diluted bleach making sure to remove all signs of mold.mildew. Frankly, I was in a hurry that is why I used the bleach first. To prevent regrowth of any mold or mildew I sprayed the shower walls and tub twice a week with the recipe below. I have been successful in controlling the mildew and mold growing in the grout for three months now. I do believe if I was not in a hurry and would have sprayed down the shower walls daily for a week or two I would have probably had the same results. 

Lavender Scented Bathroom Cleaner
1 spray bottle
Fill bottle half way with water.
Add vinegar until almost full.
Add 2 or 3 drops of Lavender essential oil.
 (Lavender oil is a natural mildew killer that also removes mildew odor)
The vinegar scent evaporates very quickly. Leaving behind a light lavender scent.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We Need A Vote For Learners Lane

Grandma Bonnie's Closet has a giveaway going on right now "Can You Guess My Birthday?" In the prize package is the book “What Children Need to Learn to READ” from Learners Lane.  I would like to ask my readers to give some help to Michelle from Learners Lane. Here is what she is requesting.

"I just submitted a grant so that I can help to educate more parents of young children on how to do some quick and simple things at home in order to help prepare them for kindergarten and help support them through school.
I have to get 250 votes in order for my grant to even be considered. I only have until the end of June to get the 250 votes (only about a week).
I really need your help and it should only take you a minute to do. You have to have a Facebook account to vote though. Go to this link www.missionsmallbusiness.com and click the “login to support” button on the right side of the page. Then type Learners Lane into the box and click the search button. Scroll down and click “vote”. "

Thank you kindly for all your help. I know Michelle is very appreciative of all the help we can give her. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Photos

Just some photos around our home. The first is a pot of spinach plants. These are organic spinach plants that climb. We potted the spinach plants so that we can keep them on our deck. They are supposed to climb the deck rails.
This is part of the mini farm project. The lettuce is doing wonderful.
Last, our apple tree beside the koi pond. It is full of green apples that are hiding in the leaves. 

I hope you all had a great hump day! It's all down hill from here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Want to Win an iPad?

Sign up to use unsubscriber for Gmail to enter for a chance to win a revolutionary new iPad. It's that simple. The winner will be announced on May 31st.
If you receive spam like I do then this is just the thing for you. I get spam daily in my Gmail and I am always trying to unsubscribe to keep the problem at a minimum. Well, with the unsubscriber its just a simple fix and spam no more.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Pooh Bear at the play ground.
 Little Bug teething on a doll toy bottle.
 My lovey granddaughters Pumpkin and Sweet Pea!

 Sorry about the photo quality they are text message phone pictures.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can You Guess My Birthday? Parenting Package Giveaway

The count down has started! I have a few weeks left until my birth. The doc says about 28 days. What do you think? My brother Pooh Bear came about a week early. That's the only clues I can give you. Now count on your finger and toes. Get out your handy dandy calculator or check the moon phases. Make your best guess. My grandma has a great prize package lined up for you to win. If you are not expecting or your children are grown enter and if you win give the prizes away to your nearest library, hospital or church! Anything goes have just some fun!

The Organic Nanny's Guide to Raising Healthy Kids: How to Create a Natural Diet and Lifestyle for Your Child  by Barbara Rodriquez     $16
 Cubbie Cup is the only combo spill proof sippy cup and snack cup on the market that is easy to use for all toddlers!  $12.99

   "What Children Need to Learn to READ–The complete parent’s guide to ensuring literacy. $14.95

Moms Who Hate to Say NO! and Workbook for Busy Moms. $13.95
Helpful information for Moms who hate to say No. There is an explanation here that gives you permission to say No and why it is necessary in creating boundaries and structure to life in your home.

A fun children's book from a young San Francisco Bay Area author who started writing and having her books published when she was eleven. From the My Friend Paris Book set. $12.95per title.

Enter the raffle copter below for your chance to win this awesome prize package. Have fun and good luck.

Esslte Folders Review #shopletreviews

Today I am reviewing some handy office supplies from Esselte and Shoplet.com. I am very pleased with the product selection I have been given to review. I am working on a way to organize the products I review and the giveaways I am planning. With this new package I received some great file folders, a daily planner, and a file jacket to help me out in organizing everything.
First up is the Ampad Project Planner. When I first looked at the planner I thought it would be my favorite product from this review. Turns out I like this product a lot but it is not my favorite.  What stood out about this planner was that with each purchase .20 will be donated for breast cancer research and education. I think that is a great big plus when deciding on purchasing a planner.

84 ruled pages, with two columns. The first column is unruled & labled for project action notes. The second column is ruled, numbered & labled for planning notes.

I have already started using this for organizing and planning my future reviews and giveaways.

Next up is the Esselte Copysafe File Jacket. This jacket is clear poly with a printed design that prevents others from reading important and confidential documents. This is great for contracts and account information. My husband has used these jackets many times when transporting documents from one meeting to another.

The  translucent poly is tear-resistant, moisture-resistant and sealed on two sides to prevent documents from falling out.  I am sure I will find many uses for this jacket. For now I have use it to file all our account documents in it.

At Last my favorite product from Esslte is the Pendaflex Divide it Up File Folder. This is the perfect folder to keep product information that usually comes with each product I review.

The three sections in one folder help keep multiple documents separate.  The sections are closed on two sides to prevent papers from falling out and it can hold up to 175 sheets of paper. I have already started to use this to keep my review information separated. I am sure many of my readers are product reviewers. So, you will understand I am often reviewing multiple products at a time. This product will make my life a little easier to keep product information separate and safe until I complete each review.

If you would like to see more products like these stop over to Shoplet.com
I received the above mentioned products to review from Shoplet.com in exchange for an honest opinion.

Adorable Teddy Bear WubbaNub Review/ Giveaway

WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifier is a plush toy attached to a soothie pacifier. This is just the cutest little teddy I have ever seen. It is soft plush and cute, cute, and cute. When I first received this adorable WubbaNub I sort of hid it from Pooh Bear. I did not want to have him claiming it as his own. The intentions was this would be for Pooh Bears new brother. Well, Pooh Bear found the little guys hiding place and it now has a home with all Pooh Bears stuffed toys. I will be sneaking it back once he forgets about his new found plush.
I love the idea of a soothie attached to a plush toy. When babies are young they often have a hard time keeping the pacifier in their mouth. With the plush it keeps it near by where they can find it easily.

A little about the pacifier. It is made with Latex Free Medical Grade Silicone, it is BPA & Phthalate Free and needs no cords or clips.  The plush comes in many styles and colors. a few to mention are a red dog, yellow duck, green frog, baby giraffe, pink bear and blue bear, and a pink pony. There are many more available.
If you would like to read more or make a purchase visit here and see what they are all about.
If you would like to win one of these pacifiers enter the giveaway here.

I received the WubbaNub  mentioned above for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received for this review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cuddlebear by Cuddletunes Review

How would you like to win one for your child? A Cuddlebear is featured in Guess My Grandbabies Gender Giveaway. What is a Cuddle Bear? Well, let me tell you! It's a cute plush lovable teddy bear with a music player inside. The player plays MP3 sound files known as tracks. Not only does it play music Cuddletunes.com allows you to download special lullabies with your child's name in the song. You can imagine Pooh Bears reaction when he heard the bear singing a song with his name.

This bear is very child friendly. The buttons are sewn into the feet. This makes it easy for even the youngest child to find their favorite tracks. I gave the Cuddlebear to Pooh Bear and showed him what each button does. The buttons are soft to touch and easy for little fingers to press. The play(start) button needs to be pressed and held for two seconds to start.

This is a nice feature if your child sleeps with the bear they will not start it by rolling on it in their sleep. When the bear starts a light over the heart glows and blinks. When the bear is paused it is a steady light.
What I love about the Cuddlebear is the option to add my own songs and stories that I want to read or sing to my grandchild. It is simple for grandparents that are living far from the child to visit the Cuddletunes website and read or sing a song that can be downloaded to the Cuddlebear. Cuddletunes Bears have 1 GB of storage, which is enough space for approximately 250 songs. The Cuddletunes Cuddlebear would make a great gift for a deployed soldier's child. The parent or account owner can invite any family member to record stories or songs at the Cuddletunes website to be downloaded to the child's Cuddlebear.

If you have a second child you can purchase a second sound track for the bear or purchase a second bear. Although I like the idea of a second bear it may not always be possible. So it is nice to be able to allow a second child to use the same bear.

For more information or to make a purchase please visit Cuddletunes.  For a chance to win a Cuddlebear enter the Guess My Grandbabies Gender Giveaway.

I received the  Cuddlebear mentioned above for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received for this review. The opinions expressed are my own.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: My Friend Paris Book Set

When I first heard about the My Friend Paris book series written by a young author. I did not know what to expect. I had two questions. Would I enjoy reading them to my grandchildren? Would the stories be entertaining enough for preschoolers?
First a little about this young author. She started writing and having her books published when she was eleven. She writes about her twin sisters, trips her family takes and places she visits. She is now fourteen and has more books in the works.
I received two books from her travel series for this review. Paris Goes To Lake Tahoe by Paris Morris and Paris Goes To San Francisco by Liberty Morris.

I am very impressed with both books. The stories are written in an easy to follow manner. I read Paris Goes To San Francisco to Pooh Bear.

I was worried it would not keep his attention for long. I was completely mistaken. Pooh Bear love the illustrations and stopped me several times to ask about some of the landmark illustrations in the book. He was fascinated with the illustration of Pier 39 and the sea lions.

We read Paris Goes To Lake Tahoe for Pooh Bears bedtime story. He was equally entertained by the story and illustrations. We have had the books for over a week now and Pooh Bear has asked me to read them several times. He has even sat down and looked over the books talking about the pictures and pretend reading to him self. The books are a big hit for myself and Pooh Bear. I will be sharing them with Pumpkin who will be starting kindergarten in the fall. I am fairly certain that Pumpkin will enjoy reading the My Friend Paris Books. We may be purchasing the rest of the set in the near future.
For more information and a list of all the books written by this author visit My Friend Paris.
Be on the look out for a giveaway of the above books coming soon.

I received the books mentioned above for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received for this review. The opinions expressed are my own.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

BeAwareID's! A Must Have For Parents & Grandparents

BeAwareID's is not just another child ID! Having one of the BeAWareID's might save someones life.
I have been given the an opportunity to review a Child Cord Attachment. A Child Cord Attachment is a 5 foot lanyard with a swivel hook on each end. There is also a carbiner to give you a few choices for attaching the cord. Attached is a card with a photo of your baby with a reminder that your baby is in the car.
I do not know how many times I have read that someone forgot and left a sleeping infant in their car. I can not even imagine the thought of myself forgetting a grand baby in my car. Of course I would never do that right? I have forgotten my purse in the car. I have forgotten my lunch in the car.With a Child Cord Attachment I won't have to worry about forgetting my most precious cargo.
I am very pleased with this product. I am planning to order one for each of my grandchildren. Give one to anyone transporting your child or grandchild and insist that they use it every time they transport your child.
 I attached one end to the car keys and one to the car seat. When I get out of the car and grab the keys I am stopped by the cord attached to my grand babies car seat. It's easy to use and perhaps a life saver!
 The ID comes in pink for girls and blue for boys. There is also a choice of the color of the ID (tan, yellow, pink or white)I have been told that this ID looks best on a white card.
The lanyard also comes in pink or blue. The Child Cord Attachment is priced at $9.99. Let move on to some of the other ID's available. There are ID's for illness such as asthma or diabetes, Allergy ID's  for eggs, dairy, nuts and wheat. There are also ID's for Seniors.  This is just a few available ID's.

A little more information about all the ID's.

ID's Include

Two Sided PVC ID
7 mil Lamination
Optional QR Code
No Personal Info on ID
Breakaway Lanyard
Extra Spring Clip

What's A QR Code?

This 2 dimensional bar code is a great way to conceal a lot of information within this unique looking code. This square can hold a lot of information.
 In the event of an emergency, an EMT or hospital staff will be able to read the code.

For more information about the Child Cord Attachment visit here. How would you like to win one of these neat ID's? Well you can just stop over and enter the giveaway here. The first entry into the giveaway is a simple comment. 
I received the product mentioned above for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received for this review. The opinions expressed are my own. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reader Appreciation $55 EdenFantasys Giveaway

We all know you love these awesome giveaways! Well, here is another fantastic giveaway sponsored by Terri's Little Haven. Now if you have not visited Terri's Little Haven its time you do. You are missing out on some fabulous giveaways and lots of great reading and tons of witty humor. I can't imagine my blogging life with out her kindness and generosity. Well time to get on with the giveaway.
Enter with the raffle copter below and good luck to you all.
Select Read more to find the rafflecopter.

Guess My Grandbabies Gender Giveaway

"Ten little fingers, Ten tiny toes, The sweetest of smiles and a cute little nose. All these add up to a very special thing -- A BABY! The greatest of gifts that life can bring"

Author: Unknown
In celebration of my fifth grandchilds birth. Grandma Bonnie's Closet along with Terri's Little Haven, My Journey With Candida, Life with Tootsabella and the Rose and Kimberly's Thoughts would like to invite you to guess the gender of my newest grandchild. I have two granddaughters and two grandsons at this time. Grandchild #5 will be a tie breaker.
Check out all the fantastic prizes up for grabs in this fun giveaway.
Cuddlebear from Cuddletunes $59.95
Cuddletunes allows users a simple way to create a personalized "soundtrack" for their favorite small child to fall asleep to every night, or play with and learn from during the day. Find the Cuddlebear by Cuddletunes Review  here.

A trio of Pregnancy and Motherhood related products 1 book and 2 DVDS by Shannon Miller
Healthy and Balanced Pregnancy Cookbook, Fit Pregnancy DVD and Body After Baby DVD
$19.95 each total for all three $59.85

Be Aware ID's. ID's for kids that can save a life.
Medical, allergy and other ID's


Classic Onesie from wordsation.com $25

A Flying Card $16

 A completely customized full-sized plastic disc (frizbee) that will be delivered for you in place of a greeting card or invitation, no envelope and no packaging, just the Flying Card.

A few of my blogging friends have agreed to help you out by planting a clue on their main page. You will find their links in the rafflecopter. Now don't be in a hurry search in a few of their most recent posts and check out their side bars. The clue might be a link, a button or poem. Just know it will be baby related. Follow the clue to where ever it may lead you. When you are ready to guess the answer pop back over and fill in the answer on the raffle copter. For each blog you visit you will get 25 extra entries.

Please use the raffle copter below to enter and most of all have some fun.
a Rafflecopter giveaway