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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Natural Ant Control

My daughter has had an ant invasion in her home. She has been fighting a battle with ants since they bought their home. They now believe the home was built on a large ant hill. Most times she is able to keep control of the ants by vacuuming daily. The ants seem to come in looking for food or just to get in out of the weather. We did some research looking for a natural non-chemical way to get rid of ants. With a toddler in the house we wanted to be very careful. We tried a few and the one that seem to have worked fairly well is putting cayenne pepper at entrances and along ant trails. What does an ant trail look like? I don't really know but I figured if I put it along the edges of the wall near the windows and doors that would be where the ants might walk. What I understood the ants will not walk into the powder because of the smell.

Warning when using this method be careful not to get the powder in your eyes and wash your hands immediately after working with the cayenne pepper. Do you have a natural ant repellent that has worked for you?


  1. We have had problems with ants on and off for years. The best solution we found was to make sure we kept all plants and shrubs away from the house. We once had strawberry plants close to the house and boy did we have ants. By the way, ants love strawberries.:) If you treat the outside of your house with an ant spray, then you only have to worry about the one that might be inside the spray line. Once you kill all them off, you should only have to do maintenance to keep them away. Cayenne pepper works great inside.

  2. I was going to say cayenne pepper---but you already tried that. I'm not sure what else would work... What a shame for your daughter and family --especially since that home is fairly new to them... Hope they can get rid of them.


  3. I've never tried the pepper but bounce dryer sheets work GREAT. I have had a problem with ants in the past and I put a bounce sheet where they seemed to be coming in and that ended that.
    PS bounce dryer sheets also works great for cleaning stainless steel sinks.
    I hope you get rid of the ants.

  4. We don't have much problems with ants here but we did down home. I think your way is much nicer than what they did when I was a kid. They would put out grits and when they eat them it kills them. Not very nice at all when I think about it. But I don't like ants either I hate fire ants they are the worse.

  5. I am not sure about boric acid powder? sandie