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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Has Anyone Seen My Pen?

How many times have you asked that question? When I am in search of my favorite pen I can usually find it with my daughter. My daughter has been collecting pens since she was about 4 years old. If you have a question about a certain style of pen she will most likely know the answer.
A few days ago I received a package in the mail form Shoplet.com. The Package contained an assortment of pens.
My packages normally arrive while my daughter is at work. Well this package happened to arrive while she was home. When I opened the package my daughter’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas. The first pen she noticed was a Sharpie Premium Pen.
I was able to bribe my daughter for her honest opinion of the pen in trade for keeping the pen. I value her opinion greatly when it comes to pens.
What did we learn about this Sharpie pen? This is not a ballpoint pen! The ink runs smoothly making clean clear lines. The ink is permanent and smear resistant.
What did we like most about this product? The pen is refillable and smear resistant two big factors in a good pen.
What did we not like about the product? It would have been nice to have a cushion grip.

Next in the package was a 4 pack of Paper Mate InkJoy 700 RT Ballpoint Pens.
While this pen did not impress my daughter as much as the previous pen it sure did make a great impression on me. I have a touch of arthritis in my hands. So I like an easy to hold and write with pen. The first thing I noticed was the cushion grip. The InkJoy system is supposed to require minimal pressure from your hand when writing. It also starts quickly without dragging. I have been writing with this pen for a couple days now and it writes cleanly and needs very little effort to hold and write clearly. Another interesting feature about this pen. The tip of the pen is covered with wax. This prevents the pen from drying out. You remove the wax before its first use.
What did I like most about this product? I like that my hands did not ache after writing all day.
What did I not like about the product? The pen is slim and I like a chubby pen for better grip.

Finally the last item in my package was a 3 pack of Sharpie Gel Highlighters.
I was thrilled to try this product. I have been teaching my grandson preschool lessons for a while now and I have put the highlighters to good use. I love being able to highlight the alphabet letters that I have written in permanent markers. The gel has not smeared or bled through paper.
What did I like most about this product? The package stated the markers will not dry out for days when left uncapped.
I left the cap off for half a day. The marker worked just perfect after several hour. This is a great feature for those of us who are forgetful.
If you would like to see more products like these stop over to Shoplet.com and see their great selection of office supplies.
I received the above mentioned products to review from Shoplet.com in exchange for an honest opinion.


  1. My Hubs is always asking where I put his pen. I like to keep things orderly... He doesn't.

    I need a pen that doesn't make my fingers hurt when using it. Going to check this out.

  2. I like having that one good pen in the drawer that I can take out quickly on a phone call, but my husband sometimes takes it if he finds that there is no pen in his pocket when he leaves for work. After all, the good pen in the drawer was his in the first place. I like his pens. Maybe I should get my own...I also like the hi lighters.

  3. I finally had to mark my pens with pink fingernail polish just so I could recognize mine and sneak them back from my kids...lol

    Sharpie is my favorite to use. Thanks for the information.

  4. Can't go wrong with a sharpie. I always keep one in my car for work. That is if my wife doesn't swipe it from me.

  5. I am a total sucker for pens! Thanks for this great review!

  6. If I had a penny for everytime I've heard that or even said it I'd be rich! There never seems to be a pen when you need one. Great review!

  7. Love what you are doing with the blog man!

  8. The right pen can make my day! Thanks for the info!

  9. What a great review and a great set of pens. I love mine as well and hid one in my desk drawer not that it will be there when I need it :).

  10. We are huge Sharpie fans. Hubs has the ones that wont bleed through to write in his bibles. They are amazing!

  11. I love reading and I am always searching for informative information like this! Write more informative news like this, and let's Stop Dreaming Start Action!!

  12. I'm pretty picky about my pens! I love that the premium pen is refillable. And the fact that is smear resistant is a huge plus! I hate spending time to journal only to have it smear.