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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Surprise Waiting At My Door

When I arrived home Wednesday evening there was a package waiting by the door. This was a big surprise to me because the UPS usually delivers in the morning. I was home all morning so I was just delighted to see this package. What was in the package? Do you really want to know? Office supplies from Avery.  Just check out these awesome goodies.

Look at the large canvas tote bag. I need, need, need this tote bag. I do so much traveling I wore the handles off my last tote. This bag is light weight and very roomy. I like a bag with lots of space. I want you to see how much room is in this bag.

Yes, that is my laptop in there. I have a large 16.9 inch screen and there is lots of room left over. I do not plan to carry my computer in this tote I just wanted you to have something to compare the size with. All zipped closed with my laptop secure inside. Makes me wish it was padded.

What do I like about this tote besides that its very spacious? I like the outer pocket with a Velcro closure. This is perfect when I am on the go and need to grab my pen and pad real quick. I also plan to keep baby wipes, a change purse and a few small toys in this pocket for my grandchildren. This will make it easy to just grab and go, go, go!!

What did I not like about this product? I don't have a real complaint. I only wish it was padded and pink.  Next, I now have a matching insulated lunch bag.

You have all heard me say we always pack our lunch when we travel. I do not like fast food. This is just what I need to put a few healthy snacks in for Pooh Bear. It has a front pocket for his little toy cars which he does not travel with out. On the side is a mesh pocket for his sippy cup. The Velcro closure is easy enough for Pooh Bear to open on his own. What do I like about this lunch bag? I like that it matches the tote bag and the easy open closure. What do I not like about this lunch bag? I do not have any complaints.
What goes good with a lunch bag for traveling? A water bottle of course!

I have to be honest I did not think I would like this water bottle. First off it is not glass. I like my glass water bottle. I still had to give it a chance and test it out. I always carry a water bottle with me every where I go. I found this water bottle to be just perfect for carrying around every where, I don't have to worry about it breaking. It has a wide mouth so I was able to add lots of ice cubes  with out having to crush the ice. What do I like most about the water bottle. I like that it is BPA Free and made in the USA. What do I not like about this product? It is just a little bigger than I am use to carrying around. It did not fit in my purse. I did not mind much though. I just put it in the diaper bag instead.
I saved the best for last. A 4GB USB flash drive. Yes, I do declare I am going to treasure this flash drive. I know you are wondering why would I treasure a flash drive?  Well, let me tell you. It was two winters ago. We had lots of snow that year. I lost my flash drive that had photos of my daughters wedding stored on it. I had my entire family looking for this little flash drive. After a week of searching I gave up. About a month later when the snow melted away my son found the drive in our driveway. Do you want to know what this story has to do with this new flash drive? Take a close look at the photo.

The lanyard the drive is attached to is going to be hooked to my purse. This one is not going to get away from me. Very handy dandy for a flash drive. With 4GB this will make it easy to share photos with my children.

Pooh Bear had to check everything out and decide if he was going to let grandma keep any of the goodies.

I received the products mentioned above to review in exchange for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received. 


  1. Awesome review and products. I do love that flash drive and each of the other items as well. What a nice roomy canvas tote bag. We mimi's find lots of things we need to take everywhere we go.

  2. Great review. I love the idea of a flash drive on the lanyard. That way it would be so much harder to misplace. I don't know how many my kids have lost. Thanks!!

  3. Wow!!! neat products. You get such nice things. I always take my lunch with me almost where ever I go. Neat little lunch bag.

    Great review by the way!

  4. Nice review! I would want it in a different color too! :)

  5. Now that is one awesome package to come home to! It looks like everything you will need to take a day trip. I'm loving the flash drive I will have to buy one of those for sure! Thanks :)

  6. I had to come back and mention UPS. I was trying to remember what day I got my Avery package and when I just re-saw your post in my feedburner it reminded me that I got my package at 11:30 pm Thursday pm. How I could have forgotten that is beyond me, but, you know me lol. Wonder what is up with delivery lately? It's been crazy hours. Fed Ex too.

    Loving this review yet again. I think you do the best job with your reviews and you continue to inspire me to try new products that you like. Congrats on being a top blogger for Shoplet, very deserved.

  7. Congratulations!!!!! Well deserved and love the products!!!!

    Ollie Moss

  8. I love surprises! These look like some great products. Thanks for the review!

  9. I LOVE the water bottle! Great review! Now I'm going to have to go check out your crochet projects..LOL! Thanks for a great review. Going green is hard, but once you master the pain it's all worth the gain!

  10. Great lookin' bunch of products - can always use a good tote & don't have any flashdrives (putting it on a lanyard is a great idea).

  11. What a great surprise :) Totes are always useful

  12. I must say that I have read a few of your reviews (uglee pen & the elephant poo paper ~~ That product was a bit odd for me lol ingenious, but odd lol) and I LOVE how detailed you are in your reviews! I love that you show actual pictures of the product you receive and how you use them! I also appreciate your honesty in reviewing the products.
    With that said ... I LOVE Avery products! They really are top quality products! I have used MANY of their printing items, but will definitely have to check out some of their other non-printing items ... I especially love the flash drive with the strap! I have lost one or 2 myself, so the strap is a big +!

  13. Thanks for the review! I think we need one of those flash drives. We have a couple floating around our house and I can never seem to remember where they are when we need them!

  14. Congrats! You certainly deserve it. I love Avery products.

  15. Great Surprise! Love the tote. You can never can have to many good computer bags!

  16. Ann Fudge Cluck

    Who doesn't love a great tote? A handy water bottle to boot!!!

    I could definitely use the lanyard for my flash drive, which I am always misplacing.

    Great review@@

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