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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inspirational Sandwiches For Your Picky Eater!!

The Mini Book of Grandwiches Review/Giveaway
Risking that I may have already said this a million times, Pooh Bear is a picky eater! He takes after his mother when it comes to eating. There was a time when his mother was a toddler where she would eat only nuts or ice cream. This stage went on for months.Well, that stage passed just like this stage will pass with Pooh Bear. In the mean time I have a great weapon at my disposal. The Mini Book of Grandwiches by Lisa Leconte. 
 I just love this little book. There are so many great inspirational ideas in this little book. There had to be something in it that Pooh Bear would want to eat. I sat down with Pooh Bear and we looked the book over together.  He picked a few pages and proclaimed "I make with Grandma!" Everyone knows he is a chef in training. 
These were his selections today. 

It was obvious he was not going to eat all of this. I talked him into a little trade off. I told him I would make something from each page if he would eat all his lunch. Then he could pick another sandwich for tomorrow.

His lunch was a complete hit. I also added carrots and grapes which he did not want touching his animals so they were served alone. Ha ha, Pooh Bear said "Elepants and drafs don't eat grapes or carrots GRANDMA!" Grandma should have known that. 
Pooh Bears pick for tomorrow.

What is in this book? There are many pages of sandwich photos along with recipes. Then you will find a long list of sandwich fillings and recipes of some of these fillings. If you are worried about free hand cutting the animals you can rest at ease. There are templates for cutting the designs and animals. I could not ask for more.
What I like about this book. The details are amazing and the photos are easy to use as a guide when creating a great looking sandwich.  I was able to free had cut the animals by looking at the detailed photos.
If you would like to see some more sandwich inspiration check out My Cute Cuisine or purchase The Mini Book of Grandwiches here. Would you like to win a Copy of The Mini Book of Grandwiches? Enter the raffle copter below.

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  1. I like a egg sandwich with mayo, cheese & tom.
    I like the Sammich to go sandwich

  2. Hm, I usually only eat bread with margarine on it and cocoa. And bread dipped into hummus. <3

    If I had to eat a sandwich, it would have margarine, cheese and tomatoes on it. Or eggplant spread with tomatoes. :)

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. I love these Bunny Sammiches!


  4. Link to facebook comment

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    I used to love egg salad. But haven't been able to eat it in years.
    These little sandwiches are so cute. If I win, my Grandson is going to be so happy when I make him a cute little lunch all for him.

    I went over to her blog and can't get it to let me leave a comment. I will keep trying.

  5. Aren't those charming. I used to make little animals out of hard boiled eggs for my daughter.

  6. i like pb jelly or egg sand which and t he way you di d that wow that is cute

    desi the lbonde at msn dot com

  7. Wonderful Post,thanks for sharing.Terri's little haven sent me.


  8. This is the cutest book and giveaway ever. I bet Pooh Bear is enjoying all of the neat animals. I know my grands would be.
    My all time favorite sammy is a BLT. I don't eat mayo at all, so I put just a small amount of mustard with bacon, lettuce, tomato, sometimes cheese, salt and pepper. Just a lil dab will do me.
    ...don't settle on my thighs I pray...

  9. I can't get the website to load, I keep getting this message...
    We're sorry
    Our servers are over capacity and certain pages may be temporarily unavailable. We're working quickly to resolve the issue.

    I will try to visit her again later.

  10. For those who could not visit My Cute Cuisine.I will add the entries on raffle copter for you and add some bonus entries for your trouble.
    Thank you.

  11. I like a tuna salad sandwich!

  12. I like the Relaxing with a sandwich.

  13. I entered the Natural House Cleaning Products:Flushy, Sinky, Trashy Giveaway!

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  15. I tweeted this again

    I know it doesn't count, but thats okay!

  16. I can't get my grandson to eat a sandwich and he is almost 11! sandie

  17. I just love this idea! How wonderful.

  18. I just love this idea! How wonderful.

  19. All of the sandwiches are so cute. Since Spring is upon us I'd love to make the bunny sandwiches for the grands while they are out on spring break.
    Thank you for a cool giveaway.

  20. What a great book for nitpicky kids!

  21. I am going to be tending little ones this summer and I think this book would get some use