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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's a Curl

Another product for the coming Baby Shower giveaway. It's a Curl review.

When I first read the product name it made me smile. You all know that my two grandsons have very curly hair and It's a Curl shampoo sounds like it will make bath time a little less stressful. First off I have straight hair. My mother had straight hair. I had no clue how to care for curly hair. Their was no one that could teach me how to care for curly hair. When my son was born I learned very little about how to care for his beautiful curls. I just made sure to keep his hair short and no problems. Then when my daughter was born I had to learned that it was a night mare to keep curly long hair from tangling. For instance did you know curly hair does not make as much oil as straight hair? Curly hair should not be washed every day. Washing curly hair every day can damage the hair and make it frizzy and dry.
I am very excited to try It's a Curl. I received 4 products to try.
It's a Curl Peak-a-boo tearless shampoo, Patty cake conditioner, Ring around the curlies leave in and
Itsy bitsy spirals moisturizer.
My daughter and I have been testing the shampoo, conditioner, leave in and moisturizer on my grandson for about a week now.

The shampoo does suds well and has a light flowery scent and rinsed out cleanly. We applied the conditioner which will moisturize his dry hair. It will also help with the tangles. After washing his hair and towel drying we applied a small amount of Ring Around the Curlies leave in to his damp curls and combed his hair gently. Then allowed to air dry naturally.
Just take a look at his curls. Soft, no tangles and so darn cute. Pooh Bear needed a touch up the next day. So, I just ran a little drop of itsy bitsy spirals moisturizer with my finger tips through his curls and away we go.
Curls has products for Moms, children and babies. Now, when I was first introduced to the Curly Q's products I did not know what curl type Pooh Bear had. This was not a problem because the Curls website has a Curls 101 page that helped me select a curly hair type. I did a lot of reading while on their site. I learned so much it is amazing what I did not know about my daughters curly hair.

What do I like about the It's a Curl products? They are formulated with certified organic ingredients, and Pediatrician Recommended. Curls is not just about selling hair care products. They also care for more than hair. Curls has partnered with adoption agencies all around the United States. They host live hair care demonstrations, provide hair care tips, and donate Curly Q's products to parents adopting across racial lines.
Pooh Bear and I did not have a problem with the scent it was mild enough that it did not irritate his sensitive skin. Pooh Bears mother does plan to continue using the It's a Curl products for his hair. We have always and only used organic shampoo on his little head. We loved the results we got with this product. For more information about It's a Curl products visit here.
First time customers can take 15% off their first order with the coupon code  new2curls.

If you would like to Win the It's A Curl products mentioned here please return on April 13th for our Baby Shower giveaway.

I received the products mentioned above to review in exchange for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received.


The Author of this post is Velma Baird
We’ve all seen the commercials for the option to “bundle” services. It’s clearly an easy way to cut down on the number of bills you have to pay, and it’s a great way to save money a lot of times, but it’s also easy to sign up for a provider that’s not going to offer the level of service you provide. I always recommend that everyone do as much research as possible, especially when you are dealing with something as important as the way you and your customers will communicate! I did a ton of research on San Diego T1 providers in my area, and ended up with one that I’ve been very happy with. I knew going in that bundling services was all the rage, but I wasn’t going to settle for just any provider. I haven’t had a single moment since I made the switch where I had to worry about either my phone or internet service. It’s been great. I’m freed up to worry about everything else that’s going on all the time; I already worry about everything under the sun. There’s no reason to add anything to my list!

Surprise Waiting At My Door

When I arrived home Wednesday evening there was a package waiting by the door. This was a big surprise to me because the UPS usually delivers in the morning. I was home all morning so I was just delighted to see this package. What was in the package? Do you really want to know? Office supplies from Avery.  Just check out these awesome goodies.

Look at the large canvas tote bag. I need, need, need this tote bag. I do so much traveling I wore the handles off my last tote. This bag is light weight and very roomy. I like a bag with lots of space. I want you to see how much room is in this bag.

Yes, that is my laptop in there. I have a large 16.9 inch screen and there is lots of room left over. I do not plan to carry my computer in this tote I just wanted you to have something to compare the size with. All zipped closed with my laptop secure inside. Makes me wish it was padded.

What do I like about this tote besides that its very spacious? I like the outer pocket with a Velcro closure. This is perfect when I am on the go and need to grab my pen and pad real quick. I also plan to keep baby wipes, a change purse and a few small toys in this pocket for my grandchildren. This will make it easy to just grab and go, go, go!!

What did I not like about this product? I don't have a real complaint. I only wish it was padded and pink.  Next, I now have a matching insulated lunch bag.

You have all heard me say we always pack our lunch when we travel. I do not like fast food. This is just what I need to put a few healthy snacks in for Pooh Bear. It has a front pocket for his little toy cars which he does not travel with out. On the side is a mesh pocket for his sippy cup. The Velcro closure is easy enough for Pooh Bear to open on his own. What do I like about this lunch bag? I like that it matches the tote bag and the easy open closure. What do I not like about this lunch bag? I do not have any complaints.
What goes good with a lunch bag for traveling? A water bottle of course!

I have to be honest I did not think I would like this water bottle. First off it is not glass. I like my glass water bottle. I still had to give it a chance and test it out. I always carry a water bottle with me every where I go. I found this water bottle to be just perfect for carrying around every where, I don't have to worry about it breaking. It has a wide mouth so I was able to add lots of ice cubes  with out having to crush the ice. What do I like most about the water bottle. I like that it is BPA Free and made in the USA. What do I not like about this product? It is just a little bigger than I am use to carrying around. It did not fit in my purse. I did not mind much though. I just put it in the diaper bag instead.
I saved the best for last. A 4GB USB flash drive. Yes, I do declare I am going to treasure this flash drive. I know you are wondering why would I treasure a flash drive?  Well, let me tell you. It was two winters ago. We had lots of snow that year. I lost my flash drive that had photos of my daughters wedding stored on it. I had my entire family looking for this little flash drive. After a week of searching I gave up. About a month later when the snow melted away my son found the drive in our driveway. Do you want to know what this story has to do with this new flash drive? Take a close look at the photo.

The lanyard the drive is attached to is going to be hooked to my purse. This one is not going to get away from me. Very handy dandy for a flash drive. With 4GB this will make it easy to share photos with my children.

Pooh Bear had to check everything out and decide if he was going to let grandma keep any of the goodies.

I received the products mentioned above to review in exchange for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Baby Compass (Did your baby come with instructions?)

Review: My Baby Compass
By: Kathryn Thorson Gruhn, MA,CCC-SLP

This is item number 3 in my reviews for the Ultimate Baby Shower giveaway. By now I know you are looking forward to this awesome giveaway as it approaches. I am sure you are getting excited to see each of the baby and mommy products lined up for this event.
What is My Baby Compass? This is the instruction book you might have wished your baby came with. It is actually a complete guide that you can use to help your child think, speak, move & thrive. This book covers the baby's development from birth to two years.
How would I describe this book? My Baby Compass is an awesome how to manual on understanding your baby, its development and growth. You can use this book as a guide to measure you baby's development and know that your  baby is on track. If you see your baby behind in any area you will be able to address the issue with your child's doctor. Through out the pages you will find these neat little notes that will be helpful information in taking care of and understanding your baby.

The checklists in chapter 3 will make it easy to keep track of each milestone the baby reaches. The lists are divided into months. Birth to 3 month, 4 to 6 months, 7 to 9 months, 10 to 12 months, 13 to 18 months and finally 19 to 24 months. The developmental milestones that are covered in the checklists are speech/language, hearing, cognitive/reasoning, physical, vision, and social/emotional. 

Chapter 5 is all about age-appropriate toys and playtime. I really liked the suggestion to make a Good-to-Go Bag. This is a bag you put together to use as a tool for a fussy, afraid or uncooperative child. The bag should contain two age-appropriate toys that are new to the child. An extra of his special toy or blanket. (that would be the stuffed bear or blanket they won't part with)
Favorite snack and drink. There are a few other items on the list but you get the idea. The Good-to-Go Bag should be used only on special occasions when you want to reinforce good behavior or when the child needs distracted. There are also many safety notes in this chapter that will help playtime be safe.
Chapter 6 is about music, rhymes and learning fun. The nursery rhymes and finger plays will be helpful in remembering the words that you may have forgotten if you have not recited them since a child. I remember when my son's first child was born. He told me when my granddaughter was crying the first night he could not remember any of the nursery rhymes he sang as a child except Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. So, this book sure would have come in handy for him that night.
In the appendix 1 is a list of common words a child will have learned by the age of two.
What did I like most about this book? I really liked the Appendix 2. There are many different signs to teach baby in sign language. I believe sign language helps baby communicate even before they can talk. This helps reduce frustration for baby, mommy and grandma!!

What did I not like about this book? My only complaint! Where was this book when my babies were little? I rate this book a 5 out of 5. My Baby Compass should be on all new mothers wish lists.  If you would like to learn more or to purchase the book go here. My baby Compass is a $40 value.
Find My Baby Compass on Twitter and Facebook.
Remember if you would like an opportunity to win this book. Mark your calendar to return on April 13th for the Ultimate Baby Shower Giveaway.

I received a copy of  My Baby Compass to review in exchange for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our First Visit to Chick-fil-A

While on our last trip to visit our granddaughters we had a new experience! My daughter-in-law invited us out to Chick-fil-A. I had heard many nice things about Chick-fil-A. We just do not have any near our home. We really enjoyed the food. The costumer service was great. The place was clean. The food was awesome. I even liked the play area. I have never said that about any fast food play areas. The entire place was clean including the bathrooms, play area, and tables. Did I just repeat my self. That is how clean it was I am just amazed.

That is SweetPea. This is not her first time trying to climb in the play area. This is the first time she succeeded in climbing past the first level. She made it all the way to the top and used the slide. I was so happy to be there to wittiness her success.
That is Pumpkin and Pooh Bear. Isn't Pumpkin growing up. She is just so adorable and lady like. Now, this was Pooh Bears first time as you can see by the I am not thrilled look in his eyes. He decided it was ok as long as Pumpkin stayed with him.
This is Pooh Bear 30 minutes later. When it was time to leave he was the only one we had to bribe to come out.

Oh and if you all like Chick-fil-A you should stop over to my favorite blogger Terri's Little Haven. She has the most awesome Chick-fil-A giveaway going on right now. Hurry over and get some entries.

This was not a review of Chick-fil-A it was just a family adventure. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Unique Versatile BlanketPad Review

The Unique Versatile BlanketPad is one of the most plush/soft blankets I have had the pleasure to touch. I am happy to announce that this is going to be one of the prizes I have lined up for the Ultimate Baby Shower beginning on April 13th. 
I am sure your first question is, "What is a BlanketPad? Well, it is a two sided blanket. One side is soft/plush fleece while the other side is vinyl/faux leather. The blanket/pads are custom "Handmade" quality. I looked over the blankets and I can tell that they were made with loving care by hand.
The first two blankets up for review are two small (blanketpads) fleece/vinyl baby changing pads.

Classic pink or blue and adorable too. These two blanket pads are very versatile. They make great changing pads. I would keep one in my car for all the trips I take with my grandchildren. There are times I want to change my grandson while traveling and a changing table is not is not available. This blanket pad is thick enough to place it on any surface and not worry about babies comfort. The other plus is the vinyl side is easily wiped clean. They would make a nice baby shower gift.

Next Up for review a large blanketPad fleece/faux leather.

These are just the right size to use as a throw. I can see using one as a picnic blanket. I even think they would make a great mattress protector to place under an expecting mother. You can never tell when an expecting moms water might break.  

Last but not least. Actually, I would say this is the grand finale. A Jumbo BlanketPad and Matching Pillow.

This is a set. Blanket/Pad and Pillow.

The blanket/pad is fleece/faux leather and the pillow is made to match. This makes a nice combination. Any new mom would feel pampered with this set. My final reminder these are of handmade quality. The products I received to review did have small imperfections that make the product unique and one of a kind. Made by Lorraine's  Creation's (Veteran-Owned).  To see more information on this product you can visit the Etsy shop here.
"All prices are subject to change without notice"
1. BlanketPad, Small, Baby Diaper Changer Pad -$29 plus tax (Texas Residents)
2. BlanketPad, Large, Versatile, unique- $49
3. BlanketPad, Jumbo, $99
4. BlanketPad, Jumbo, with matching Pillow - $125
Remember if you would like to win one of these awesome blanket/pads please return on April 13th for the Ultimate Baby Shower Event. 
I received the above mentioned products to review from Lorraine's Creation's in exchange for an honest review. No monetary compensation was received.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Gentle Goodnight Sleep Method for Baby

The Ultimate Baby Shower is fast approaching. Beginning on April 13th. As we wait for the time to approach I will be reviewing a few choice items that will be given away as a Mommy/Baby package  here at Grandma Bonnie's Closet. The first item up for review is an awesome book. Gentle Goodnight. Written by Lyssa Armenta.
If you are a mother, grandmother or someone in charge of putting a baby to sleep then you will want to read this book. Gentle Goodnight is a gentle sleep method that many babies and parents can benefit from. What method are we talking about here? Lyssa Armenta has developed "The Dancing Method" to put babies and toddlers to sleep. In the book she outlines step by step how to prepare the setting and even the mood to be successful in dancing your child to sleep. 
What did I like about this book? First off the book describes every detail step by step. From setting up the room before beginning to dance, preparing the bedroom, selecting music, lighting and even how to position the baby. After reading the book I can tell you that Pooh Bear was a lot like Lyssa's children. He was hard to put to sleep and hard to keep sleeping. It reminded me of my first baby. I had many sleepless nights learning what my baby needed. I would have loved to have had this book when my children were babies.  What did I not like about the book? It's hard to say the book is very easy to read and follow. It would be nice to have a few sample pictures of the method she discribes on putting the baby down once asleep.  Over all I give this book 5 out of 5. If you would like to learn more about Gentle Goodnight or to buy the book just click on the book below.
Find Gentle Goodnight on Facebook here.
Don't forget to come back on April 13 for your chance to win this book and many other awesome parenting prizes.
I received a copy of  Gentle Goondnight By Lyssa Armenta to review in exchange for an honest review. No monetary compensation was received.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Family Fun

While on our trip to visit our granddaughters we celebrated Easter. I always like to celebrate the important holidays with each of our grandchildren. Many times that means we have to bring the holiday to them. We often celebrate before or after the holiday. We may even have two or three holiday events. This year we will have two Easters. Our granddaughters did not seem to mind having Easter early this year. I was so happy the weather permitted an egg hunt.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

PottyCover Giveaway and Rock N Learn DVD

Easter Dinner Inspiration

I received a package of gourmet dressing mix and seasoned croutons to review this week from Mrs. Cubbison's. Pooh Bear thinks there must be something in the box for him.
I have been brain storming on what to make with these culinary delights. With Easter so near I decided to create some new dishes for our Easter holiday meal. Today was a test run of the dishes I am trying to make.
I started first with Mrs. Cubbison’s Seasoned Stuffing mix. I am a fan of dressing for our holiday meals. My mother always made homemade stuffing it was a family recipe that was passed down from my great grandmother. Of course my mother had made a few changes through the years. Well, I thought I would try and recreate her recipe using Mrs. Cubbison's Seasoned Corn Bread Stuffing Mix for the base.

I don't actually have her recipe. I just remember helping her make the dressing every holiday. My mother always used two loaves of stale bread cut in to bite sized pieces. While that would be fine if I had stale bread. I do not usually purchase enough bread to let it go stale. This is where Mrs. Cubbison's Stuffing mix comes in very handy. I used one box of seasoned corn bread stuffing mix(2-6 oz. bags of mix).

I tasted the bread crumbs and even smelled them. I wanted to know if they were seasoned to my taste. I must say Mrs. Cubbison's bread crumbs are seasoned perfectly. The bread crumbs are just the right size and dried completely. I poured the bread crumbs in a large bowl. I then diced 4 stalks of celery and half a yellow onion. I sauteed the celery and onions with a tablespoon of butter. I then added 1/3 cup of dried cranberries, and 1/3 cup chopped walnuts and mixed well. I sauteed another two or three minutes and then added the mixture to the bread crumbs.
 Next, I added one cup of chicken broth, 2 eggs and mixed well. If the stuffing is too dry add a little more chicken broth. You can also add a can of mushroom soup at this time if you like.

Bake in a greased covered casserole dish for 30 minutes at 350degrees. If you like the top crisp bake uncovered the last 10 minutes. I plan to make a roasted leg of lamb on Easter day to place on top of the dressing. For today I made a beef roast with carrots and potatoes as a substitute.

Now for Mrs. Cubbison’s Classic Seasoned Croutons. I thought about making a salad but that would be the same old side dish.
I then came up with a great way to add a little crunch to a vegetable casserole. First, choose your vegetables. I chose broccoli, cauliflower and peas. I chopped a half head of cauliflower and added a small bag of frozen broccoli and a small bag of frozen peas. I steamed the vegetables for about ten minutes  Next, I seasoned to taste added a can of cream of celery soup, 1/2 cup chicken broth, 1/4 cup seasoned croutons and 1/4 cup shredded cheese. Toss together and pour into a greased casserole dish top with 1/4 cup croutons and a 1/4 cup shredded cheese. Bake for 30 minutes 350 degrees until brown on top.

Using Mrs. Cubbison's seasoned croutons made the casserole have just the right seasoning and crunch. The seasoning on the croutons taste of buttermilk  and garlic. Very similar to an Italian seasoned crouton. The family gave these recipes a thumbs up. I like Mrs. Cubbison's stuffing mix and croutons alot. I would use them again for cooking great family meals.

You can find Mrs, Cubbison's on Facebook here.
You can read more about Mrs. Cubbison's products and find inspirational recipes here.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Booty Buns Cloth Diaper Giveaway $546 Value!!

Booty Buns Giveaway Event
Welcome to the Go Green ♥ Give Charity Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event sponsored by Booty Buns Cloth Diapers! Over 175 blogs have teamed up to present this amazing cloth diaper giveaway hosted by Daily Mothering.
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This amazing cloth diaper prize pack includes:

20 Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diapers
(these true one-size cloth diapers fit 3-45 lbs!)
20 matching flannel/terry cloth wipes
40 microfiber inserts
20 cotton flannel liners
Booty Buns Cloth Diaper Giveaway
(picture does not show inserts or liners also included)

First, a little about Booty Buns...

Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diapers
In case you haven't heard about them, Booty Buns Cloth Diapers are incredible one-size cloth diapers that truly fit from birth to potty training! They feature a snap-down rise with 5 different snap settings (most one-size diapers only have 3!) and a waist with 10 regular snap settings plus 2 crossover snap settings. The diapers have hip snaps to prevent wing droop on smaller sizes. The incredible size range of this diaper fits from 3-45 lbs!
Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diapers
Booty Buns Cloth Diapers are pocket diapers and each diaper includes 2 snap-on microfiber inserts that can be stuffed into the diaper or laid on top with the included cotton flannel liner against your child's skin. The diapers have a waterproof PUL outer and a soft suedecloth inner with dual gussets on the inner lining to ensure everything stays IN the diaper! Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diapers come in an assortment of bright colors and each diaper includes a matching handmade flannel/terry wipe. You can find out more about the diapers at Booty Buns, or check out the detailed Booty Buns One-Size Cloth Diaper Review at Daily Mothering!
Booty Buns Cloth Diapers
Booty Buns is dedicated to encouraging others to "go green" and "give charity." Shannon, the owner of Booty Buns Cloth Diapers, leads by example. For every diaper that Booty Buns sells, she donates one Booty Buns Cloth Diaper to a child in need in the US and third-world countries. Booty Buns is the exclusive cloth diapers donator for Operation Showers Of Appreciation, and they are also donating diapers to babies that have severe medical issues here in the US. Shannon hopes to donate a lifetime supply of cloth diapers {20 diapers} to every baby in need around the globe. You can join in this effort by purchasing your own set of Booty Buns Cloth Diapers and telling your friends about Booty Buns!
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