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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Week Three Totals: 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

My 21 days are over. I am very excited to say that I completed my 21 day goals. The total points possible for the challenge was 2,215. My total points were 1,067. This included points for eating proper meals, vegetables, protein and drinking enough water. There were points for exercising, sweating, sleeping and blogging. It was also possible to loose points for drinking soda, eating sweets, skipping breakfast, eating fast food and eating refined carbs. My most point loss was from drinking soda and not sleeping enough. I could have also done better if I had blogged every day and drank enough water. I will try to do better in the March challenge. I still feel like a winner since I have reached my short term goals.
I am using Dustin Maher’s Fit Mom’s For Life Program. To learn more please visit Fit Mom’s For Life.*** All opinions are my own


  1. Congratulations!!! That's awesome! Good luck reaching your goals in March!!! I know that it can be hard but your doing awesome!!! :)

  2. O I love the photo's of your grand children, you are so fortunate. I'm childless so it's great to be a gran through your eyes.
    I've just gotten a whole lot of 13yr old's wanting little teddy bear cell phone covers, because I made one for my niece. The crochet bear stretches so you can put in a big Tracfone LG800G smart phone ($5.99 for 40 minutes on the Tracfone family value plan) or put in a small camera to protect the lens which is what my camera needs.
    I gave my niece and her friend that came for a weekend stay over a crochet lesson in making squares and they really enjoyed practicing with some yellow wool.
    The teenagers really seem to love the crocheted scarves, hats, mittens and bags with hearts and roses on them.

  3. Congrats - you are a winner!~ sandie