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Monday, February 13, 2012

My Update: 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

I had to travel this weekend and did not do so well with eating healthy. We left very early Friday morning and drove most of the day. I packed our family peanut butter sandwiches on 100% wheat bread for breakfast. For lunch we had whole grain pita wraps with vegetables and humus dip. Dinner was my down fall. We had grandpas fried chicken. I did not want to hurt him by not eating. He worked hard on preparing a home cooked meal even though he had just finished a 16 hour shift at work. Saturday we had lots of company, a birthday party and too much food. I just gave up and enjoyed the food and fine company. Sunday was great though. I made a fruit and vegetable tray for the ride home. We munched on this for breakfast and lunch and did not eat any fast food. I failed with my workouts as I was unable to sneak away from the party for even a few minutes. I am not too worried though. I have already made the effort today to get back on track. I fit my workout in early and I have been very good with eating today.  Thank you my blogging friends for all your support.  
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  1. It's okay to "cheat" now and then, just get back on it (which is sounds like you did!)

  2. Sounds like you "cheated" just enough to have fun and then got back on track. I think you are doing great!

  3. I also think you are doing great....right back at it and your road trip meals were great! Sometimes you gotta just enjoy and not think about it!

  4. Cheat days are good!! Sounds like you avoided the worst demon when traveling fast food good for you!!!