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Monday, December 12, 2011

Remodeling Our Laundry Room/Mud Room

I have been wanting to remodel our laundry room for a while now. I just have not really had the time to come up with a design that would work for my family. When my dear husband suggested he would redesign the laundry room himself that was all the motivation I needed. You see, I want the design to suit me. It is my laundry room. Right? 
So, off I go looking for some designs online. I came across this really awesome website HouzzHouzz is a website for homeowners, interior and exterior designers, architects and contractors. There is a selection of wonderful photos for any room design imaginable. You can break down your search by style and room. Any design you like can be added to the designbook. I must have searched for at least an hour to find about fifteen laundry room ideas I am interested in. I really want a bench of some sort built into the wall. After all it is our mud room and we need a place to sit down to remove our boots or shoes. 
Once you have a plan or design in mind you can search the professional section. You will find a professional who remodels homes in your city. If you have a design or remodeling question you can submit it in the questions section. I must warn you this site can be very addicting. I have now added my kitchen to our remodeling list. 


  1. Wood countertops and plastic laminates in a wood design give your bathroom a definite charm and rustic flavor that is certain to impress. Wood has the added benefit of being a highly affordable countertop material that won’t hurt your savings.

  2. First, that is SO COOL that your getting to remodel your laundry room!

    Secondly, I don't need more online addictions O.o Don't show me cool things that suck me in. Now I have to click over there and waste a few hours, lol ;D

  3. I bet your laundry room is going to be beautiful. I have a bench in our bathroom and it has a little storage area under the cushioned lid but it's not real big. I'm checking out Houzz, I want to redesign a small area of the house into something but I don't' know what yet and I want some ideas.

  4. I've bookmarked Houzz for future reference in the new home we're building. Thanks for the link!

    Hope you post pictures of your project!

  5. I hope to post before and after photos.