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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Memories

My husband and I had many Christmas traditions that we enjoyed as our children were growing up. One of my favorite traditions was when my children were teenagers we had a fun game day on Christmas day. We usually focused on one or two games.  In the past we played monopoly, charades, and Uno. One particular Christmas my daughter got an xbox game called Dance Dance Revolution. We actually played this game for hours. We had dances offs and all of the adults even my elderly father tried to dance in a dance off with my husband. Another Christmas we actually had a paint ball battle in our back yard on Christmas day. There was plenty of snow on the ground that year. In our back yard we have a mound system with evergreen trees lined up across thirty feet. My daughter, daughter-in-law and my self hid in the evergreen trees. We had a flag planted in the middle of the yard and the plan was to be the first team to capture the flag. Not too easy when you are up against three guys who have played on the high school paint ball team. My daughter-in-law rushed to the flag as we were shooting to cover her. She of course got hit just before reaching the flag. I then laid flat on my belly and tried to shoot at any movement toward the flag. I got hit in my hand. That was it I quit! That was the first time I had ever been hit by a paint ball and I did not expect it to hurt that bad! My sons told me later that it always hurts worst when you are cold or the paint balls are cold. I do have to say it was fun while it lasted!
Three of my children are now raising their own children.This had made it impossible to get everyone together at the same time for Christmas.  At first it made me a little sad. I finally decided I would not let it spoil our Christmas. This year my husband and I have planned to make a new tradition we are going to take our grandchildren to the cinema for one of there Christmas gifts. We might have to go three different times but that won't matter! We will enjoy every minute of this new tradition.
I hope you all enjoy your Christmas traditions and have a great week. Just in case I am not able to get on the computer in the next few days, I want to wish all my blog friends a Very Merry Christmas! 


  1. That sounds like a wonderful tradition. I'm sure they will love going to the Cinema. We can't get everyone together for Christmas on Christmas so we just do it sometime during the month of December. In case you aren't on any this week, Merry Christmas to you and yours!! Hugs.

  2. Merry Christmas! Paint balls hurt no matter what...

  3. Merry Christmas Bonnie!! I just love the traditions you had with your teenage kids. I would so love that kind of stuff. I'm such a big kid. I bought a kinnect for our Xbox 360 on black friday. Little Bit and I were playing Kinnectimals earlier today. I also downloaded the dancing game to try it out. Now I can't wait to do it :D Have a blessed CHRISTmas my friend <3

  4. My own favorite Christmas memories are of doing the food shopping with my grandmother. I want to wish you the best for Christmas Season ;-) Libby