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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Memories

I have been thinking about some of our past Christmases as a family. I thought you might enjoy a walk down memory lane with me to take a peek into a part of our little world.
A few Christmases stand out in my memories. One Christmas in particular we celebrated while living in Egypt. I cherish the memory of not having the usual snow and shopping rush. My parents had come to visit over the Christmas holiday and we spent much of our time showing them around Egypt. We took them to the pyramids of course and visited some museums all the sort of thing you would do on vacation. My parents wanted to shop for gifts one day so we caught a taxi cab and went shopping. Needless to say they were surprised at not finding the selection expected. After hours of shopping we caught another taxi for our trip home. While riding we happened to see a row of what looked like fresh Christmas trees for sale. I recognized the road we were on and told my parents we could walk back in the evening and get a tree. Up until this point I had only seen one other shop with a small 12 inch artificial  tree for sale and it was very over priced for the size. After dinner that evening my father decided to stay at our apartment. My mother and I set out with the children to walk the few block that I remembered to find our tree. Little did I realize it turned out to be about fifteen blocks away from home. There would be no possible way to carry the tree that far! The children were disappointed when I told them we would have to wait until tomorrow. The store owner over heard my conversation and asked if he could be of some help. I explained that we wanted a tree but would not have a way to get it home. I did not think a taxi driver would let us put a tree on their roof. The owner laughed and said he would get us a taxi and all would be fine. Once back at the apartment my father pulled off the twine from the branches  and the tree fell apart before our eyes. What we thought was a Christmas tree was some evergreen branches tied together into a make shift Christmas tree. My father spent the rest of the evening weaving the branches together with the twine to make a some what respectable tree. My children happily made paper chains and paper ornaments for our decorations while we sang Christmas songs. This is one of my most thankful Christmases. I would love to hear about your special Christmas memories. 


  1. Thank you so much for taking us down a walk of memory lane. I think it would be so cool to visit Egypt. I bet your "branch" tree was beautiful. Kids are so easy to please.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory. Egypt sounds like an amazing adventure.

    One Christmas that stands out in my mind was when I was a little girl and very sick. I had missed our Church's Christmas party and the long anticipated visit from Old Saint Nick. I was so sad.

    After my parents and brothers and sisters returned home from the party, I was so surprised to see St. Nicholas come in with them. My Dad had asked him if he would come and see me. Santa stayed and visited with me for quite awhile, making me feel very special!

    Merry Christmas!