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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Titanium Rings for Christmas

I have been looking around for some special jewelry to give to my daughters for Christmas. When I give jewelry as a gift I like it to be very special. While looking I had a hard time deciding what type of metal I should be selecting. I visited the Avant Garde Titanium website online and saw some elegant titanium bracelets that would make a wonderful gift for someone special. That is when I realized that titanium would fit my requirements perfectly. I have tried to look for a unique piece that will stand out as simple but sophisticated. Then I found a titanium ring design that would be perfect for one of my daughters. It has a smooth domed shape and platinum inlay. The smooth design would make it very comfortable to wear every day. 
I do have a few suggestions if you are planning to buy jewelry for that special someone. If you are buying a ring and want it to be a surprise you will have to find a way to choose the correct ring size. In the past I found a ring chart and simply placed a borrowed ring over the chart and located the proper ring size. 

You should pay special attention to the type of jewelry that person usually wears. Do they like simple pieces? Do they like silver, gold or other precious metals? Are they going to be wearing the piece every day? Answering these simple questions may help you find a special piece of jewelry that will be treasured forever. 

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  1. It can be so hard to get someone the perfect piece of jewelry. I am a girl of varying taste when it comes to jewelry. Sometimes I like bold pieces and other time the simplicity of a pearl necklace suits me just fine. Very cool that you found something for your girls!