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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Toys Galore

I have been out shopping all afternoon and have nothing to show for my effort! I am tired and cranky. I am just about ready to quit and purchase everything online. Why don't I just shock my children and have everything shipped to their homes. I won't even have to wrap their gifts. No, I do have some holiday spirit. I am serious about buying more online this year. I don't like the mean crowds. Is it just me or are shoppers getting meaner and nastier  every year?
I found another website today. I would like to share with my readers, CP Toys. This site has some great priced toys! I want to get a nice doll for my granddaughter Pumpkin. CP Toys has a collection of Today's Girl dolls that are just perfect for that special little girl. I hope to get her the Today's Girl Katie with a 15pc Wardrobe.  I also saw some Easy Slice Fruits & Vegetables that I would like to get for my younger granddaughter I found them in the toys for infants section.
I also also signed up to win a play kitchen for the grandchildren by liking CP Toys on Facebook. So hop on over and check out their great toy selection and enter the giveaway maybe you will be the lucky winner!

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  1. I like to shop online as well. I did half and half this year. I bought what I knew those would like from online sites and the rest I bought from different shops around here. I try to avoid the Black Friday crowd. Even though I shopped early, the last time I was at the store, the back of my heel was ran over twice. Folks are rude and pushy at stores these days. Neither one of them said excuse me or anything. Shopping online avoids all of that!