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Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Reviews: Pixie Tales & Gremlins, Genies and Trolls Oh My!

Do you enjoy reading to your child. grandchild, niece or nephew? I have always loved reading to my children. I now enjoy reading to my grandchildren just as much as I did with my own children. Grandma Bonnie's Closet has been given the opportunity to review and giveaway two extraordinary books written by Author Francine L.Trevens. If your children are interested in Pixies, Fairies, Trolls or Goblins these books are perfect for them.
Each book contains five fantasy stories.

Entwined in these creatively written stories are small lessons.  My favorite story is in the Pixie Tales Book, "The Pixies In The Glen". This story was interesting. The message about bulling was well hidden in the story. The child might not know he was learning a lesson while being entertained. I have not read these stories to my grandsons yet as I feel they are a too young to understand the difference in reality and fantasy. When they turn three maybe four I believe they will be ready to understand the stories are fantasy. In my opinion they will make great bedtime stories for children three years and up. When I do read the Pixies In The Glen to my grandsons I will talk about what one should do in case of meeting a bully.
Today (11/29/11)  I was able to get on Skype with my granddaughter Tootsabella and read two of the stories for her. I read the last story in the Pixie Tales book, "The Pixie Fantasy" This is a tale about a Pixie girl and her family. They had to move from their home and relocate in a park in the city. The little Pixie had a great imagination and the story had a surprising ending of which I will not divulge to my readers. The story was very entertaining as it kept Tootsabella's attention.  She wanted to see the drawings in the book which I did show her but being over the web camera it took away some of the pleasure she would have had in person.  The second story we read was from the same book Pixie Tales, "Have You Ever Seen A Pink Leprechaun?" When we finished this story Tootsabella was ready for lunch so we ended our story time with a quick good bye.   
If you would like more information about the author and her writings go here.
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