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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sale on Children and Babies Clothing!

are you a member of Zulily? If you have not signed up yet now is the time! Zulily sales are amazing. I am so happy to see such great deals I am getting the Strawberry Shortcake outfit for my granddaughters and the Sweater Vest Set for my grandsons.  I also want to get the grandchildren the clogs but I have to think about it some more. Lol, Whats not to like about spending on the grand kids!
Petunia Pickle Bottom - up to 60% off | Event ends 9/17 - Life's little indulgences. Plush bedding sets for Baby and beautiful, hand-embroidered totes and clutches for you. It's totally a win-win.
Strawberry Shortcake - up to 50% off | Event ends 9/17 - Sweet treats. A dash of adorability and pinch of pink make these Strawberry Shortcake outfits simply scrumptious.          
Pink & Red Hooded Vest Set - Girls on sale for 26.99 (original 42.00)
Lima Bean Kids - up to 45% off | Event ends 9/17 - Happy everything! We've got Halloween, Hanukah and Christmas covered with these personalized plates, platters, totes and tees. 
Baby Togs & BT Kids - up to 60% off | Event ends 9/17 - Ready, set, go! Always-perfect little outfits for your almost-always-perfect little babies and kids. 

     Sanita Clogs - up to 75% off | Event ends 9/17 - If the shoe fits. These hand-crafted clogs, boots and sandals from Poland will add some fun to her wardrobe, and some flair to yours.

 Lime Original Dana Closed Clog -kids on sale for 24.99 (original 80.00)
Brown Gitte Cabrio Closed Clog -kids on sale for 34.99 (original 80.00)
yoli-poli - up to 75% off | Event ends 9/17 - Feel the Zen. These yoga-worthy pastels will have your little one looking enlightened during all her playtime activities. 
Little Adventures - up to 65% off | Event ends 9/17 - Tutu be or not to be. These beautiful tutu sets, costumes and fun outfits are perfect for Halloween or just a Sunday in the park. 
Grubbie Style - up to 65% off | Event ends 9/17 - Go on, monkey around a little. Classic tees that celebrate the three things that define all boys: monkeys, robots and rock 'n' roll. 

MOMO Baby - up to 75% off | Event ends 9/17 - MOMO more, please. Pamper your little bundle of joy with these innovative, eco-friendly and non-toxic baby products. 

Juliet Dream - up to 80% off | Event ends 9/17 - Expect more when you're expecting. These chic and comfy maternity-and-beyond styles will be in your wardrobe circulation longer than nine months.


  1. Look fantastic.I especially love the shoes!Only thing I think I live too far way to benefit from the sale (shipping costs):(

  2. I LOVE Zulily!! Since finding out we are expecting I have yet to pay full price for anything I have purchased... and his room is pretty full!! They have some Great stuff!!

  3. Oh these really are adorable. I LOVE the strawberry shortcake outfit.

  4. I really like the lime green clogs.