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Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet Tootsabellarose

I would like to introduce my Daughter in law  Tootsabellarose (blog name).
Just a little about her before we start the interview. Tootsabellarose is the mother of my two beautiful granddaughters. She is a wonderful daughter in law and a great blogging buddy.
Tootsabella and Rose
 Name: Tootsabellarose

Occupation: Mommy to one 4yr old ballerina and one 1yr old cookie monster. Both are girls. I am a wife to a wonderful hardworking husband.

Hobbies: To name a few. cake decorating, crafting, photography.

Life Goal: I would love to be a photographer if I could ever acquire the equipment. Raise well mannered, god following, amazing, good morale children. Also, eventually travel with my husband to see the world. That's not too much to ask.

Where have you been? The first place I have traveled to was Texas to visit my father. We visited the Alamo, San Antonio river walk, and the San Antonio Zoo. He lived in a place called Vanderpool, TX on a beautiful 5000 acre ranch near Utopia where they are making the new movie about golfing. I have been to Disney World 3 times. It's amazing and I still haven't done everything there. I was a driver for Swift for a little while and went down to Laredo, TX and back  through Louisiana and Alabama back up through South Carolina. Just seeing the permanently bent trees from Katrina was eye opening. I have stayed in North Carolina, which is my favorite state.  I used to live in Ohio so we pretty much lived at Cedar Point every summer. The shores of lake Erie were my home for 25 years.  Amish Country is great. I have been to Rhode Island and Connecticut. Gatlinburg, TN is beautiful and there is soooo much to do. When I visited Niagara Falls, I was awestruck by the beauty of it! Last year I visited Hershey Park and just recently I had my first trip to Washington DC at the Smithsonian Zoo. I loved the zoo and I can tell the animals are very happy there. They are very active and run around and play a lot. The lions were great. We watched them play and pounce on each other for a while. From lake Erie, DC, Florida, Texas, and back up around and everything in between, I still have never been out west. I would love to see the giant Redwoods and the Grand Canyon. Someday I will but for now I can reside smack dab in the middle of my travels.
My daughter in law.
Hocking Hills, Ohio

Where would you like to travel?: Absolutely out west like I stated above. I would also love to visit the castles in England and visit Ireland. Venice and Poland would be amazing but Greece would be simply the most beautiful of all. 

Dreams: I have many dreams, but to win the lottery is the most important one of all.

Favorite place to take the girls for a mommy daughter afternoon: Well I have yet to actually do this. When Rose gets older, I would love to take them to a day spa and get the works!! We do most things as a family. That's just how we prefer it. Can't get enough of daddy around.

Favorite foods to cook: Lasagna, shish kabobs marinated and on the grill of course, chicken fettuccine, apple pie, and this amazing bean dip.

What is your favorite color?: Green.

What is your greatest accomplishment?: I have birthed two beautiful daughters naturally. One of which was born in the water. Exclusively breastfeeding both daughter's past 1yr of age.

Tell a little about yourself: I am married and have had two natural births. I am 5'8 with brown hair and green eyes. I love to shop especially for deals.  I am always trying to find new stuff for my family and I to do. I am happy and try to make and keep everyone around me happy too. 
Please check out http://tootsabellarose.blogspot.com/  She would love you to follow. If you do follow Tootsabellarose will certainly follow you back.

Thank you for the great interview. Next time I will invite you for a guest post.

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  1. Thank you for the interview. This was really fun and neat to do. I love telling all about the girls and our fun times. I really appreciate everything you do and helping me to learn how to do all this. I'm really looking forward to the guest post.

  2. I really enjoyed the interview and as a plus I learned a little more about you. I call you later. Give everyone hugs.

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    I enjoyed reading your interview with your daugter in law. What a great idea! Sets me to thinking who I could interview! It's great to meet you. Take care!

  4. Great interview..you've got yourself a wonderfully interesting and fun daughter-in-law.
    A great memory for your blogging!

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  6. How neat to do this! I really enjoyed reading it :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I enjoyed reading the interview-as a journalism teacher, I appreciate great questions and answers!

  8. What a great interview. I would love to travel around.
    Your grand-daughters are just beautiful as well as your daughter-in-law.

  9. What a wonderful interview! 2 natural births, that really is an accomplishment. I hope to one day travel the world with my husband to, we just need to get through the teen & toddler years first :)

    Grandma Bonnie you have a beautiful family! Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


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  11. Thanks for the congrats. I would not even have a blog if it weren't for you. Congrats for surpassing 800!!! Way to go!

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