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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet Nuff, and No Nuff

Pooh Bear owns many stuffed animals and he loves them all but, he has not named any of his stuffed animals and has not shown preference over any one particular animal until a weekend trip to visit grandpa and grandmas.
One weekend while we were traveling with Pooh Bear he wanted to play a crane machine at one of the many rest areas we stopped at. Normally we let him pretend to play without putting in coins. This time I gave him some quarters to play with. He has never won anything from the machines before so he was surprised and amazed that the machine gave him something. Ever since he got the little green bear he has not left it out of his sight. This bear has become his most prized possession. My grandson gave his bear the name Nuff.

I mentioned in a previous post that Pooh Bear has motion sickness when we travel. This weekend we traveled again to visit grandpa and grandma. We were able to avoid the vomiting (by stopping every 30 minutes) except for one time. The one episode got precious Nuff covered in vomit. Pooh Bear was so upset we had to find a quick replacement at the next rest area. We let Pooh Bear pick out a stuffed animal to temporarily replace Nuff. We figured it would be hopeless as the boy has too many stuffed animals to count, and non of them has ever came close to competing with Nuff. We were wrong! The second he saw this little guy he shouted out No Nuff. Pooh Bear has not let No Nuff out of his sight. When Nuff was all nice and clean, Pooh Bear squealed with delight. He now takes Nuff and No Nuff everywhere he goes.
No Nuff


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  5. That is TOO cute! I wish my boys would have had a lovey like that- I REALLY wish my youngest would attach himself to something like that FOR SURE. As of right now, I'M the "nuff" he won't let out of his site. Its exhausting.
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  6. I love how some kids gets attached to a toy! It is so adorable, and they really become part of the family! Great to find you on VoiceBoks! I'm now a happy new follower!

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  8. That's so cute! I am glad he was happy for the temp replacement. A child's favorite toy reminds me of the characters on my favorite shows. If they got rid of one of my favs I would be devastated. Of course sometimes we get lucky and like the replacement and sometimes...we don't. I'm really happy Nuff was salvaged and weathered the storm. ;)

  9. How sweet. My youngest has a puppy he loves! It's really worn.

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  10. Soooo cute! I miss that age! I now have a teenager...{{{sigh}}}
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  11. My daughter has so many stuffed animals. She loves them. Such a cute story. Thanks for the blog comment. I followed you and look foward to hearing more.

  12. Very cute! Poor guy getting carsick, though. My son is starting to get motion sickness too! Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax weekend hop and for posting the button!
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