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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Movie Night W/Free Movie Codes

Do you have a family movie night with the kids. We like to have a movie night each week. We don't watch much tv at home. but, a well selected movie is great from time to time. Our movie night usually starts with a toddler friendly movie and toddler friendly snacks. Fun snacks we like are apple slices, cheese sticks, and/or multigrain crackers.
Once the babies are sleeping we watch the feature film with popcorn. We take turns picking the movies so everyone gets a turn.
I am inviting you to have a family movie night with Free Codes from Blockbuster Express.
Don't forget to return your movie on time to avoid charges.
I hope these codes work for you.
FREE    Rental   Code:   86TGAF3 – (expires 8/8/11) 
FREE   Rental  Code:  53JGMM7 – (expires 8/8/11)
FREE    Rental  Code:    88ARDQ5 – (expires 8/12/11)
FREE    Rental   Code:   82BRAB7 – (expires 8/12/11)

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  1. Thanks for the codes! We have two little ones, so we don't get out much. Movie nights are our favorite thing to do!

  2. Thanks so much for the codes!!

  3. I'm sorry but I need to be educated on how to use the codes? Hahaha! I agree with you and can relate too on spending time watching movies with the family. It's a cool way to bond with each other. We enjoy so much in digital or 3D cinema. Because the ticket are quite expensive, we try to watch at least once a month.

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  4. Hi..following from Social Monday. You have a great blog. Blessings!!


  5. We too love movie night with our four kids. It's a great (and cheap) way to bond as a family. And of course cheaper with those great movie codes - thanks.

  6. Great information and live the idea of movie time. Glad to meet you through VB.

  7. That's a great idea! My husband & I never make it through a whole movie after we put our kids to bed. We always wake up in the morning asking at which part the other fell asleep. :) maybe we could start movie night extra early so that we might stay awake through our movie. :)
    Thanks for your comment on my beach boys! Following you as well!

  8. Thanks for the codes. We will put them to good use!

  9. Thanks for the codes! I am a new follower :)