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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Earn Free Gift Cards

How would you like to earn free gift cards for Amazon, Home Depot, CVS, Overstock.com, or many other name brand gift cards. Here is how I get these gift cards for free. I use Swagbucks for web searching. When I search I win points( swagbucks) for relevant searches. I usually get any where from 7 to 11 points per search. While I have earned more on some searches that is on average what I usually get.  In general it's acceptable to search once or twice a day.
I let these points add up and cash them in for gift cards and even some times I cash them in for paypal cash.
This is from my last search.
These are a few samples of the gift cards swagbucks can buy.
There are also many other items you can get with your swag bucks. Like electronics, games, and dvds the list is almost endless. If you join swagbucks you are asked to download their search bar. That is fine if you choose to download the search bar but,  you don't have to download the search bar. To do your searches just log in to your swagbucks account and search from their main page. I also have a swag widget on my blog that can be used for searches.  You can find this on the right side of the page as you scroll down. 
Happy searching! If you would like more info or to join select the Search. Earn. Redeem button below.

Search & Win


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