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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Traveling While Potty Training!

We are back from our little trip. Traveling with a toddler in potty training can be done with just a little effort.. Sure, it was not easy. We had some big bumps in the road this weekend. When we started our trip I knew not everything would go as planned but, I was not expecting any big issues. Driving was not a problem. We stopped often for potty breaks and had no accidents. My grandson understood he had to sit on the potty each time we stopped and he did fantastic.
Where did we run into trouble you ask? Well, once we arrived at Grandma Bonnie(that's me) and Grandpa's house the fun began!
First, I will let you in on a secrete Grandma and Grandpa's house is the family gathering place. At any given time you will find babies, toddlers and children through out our house. My grandson arrived to find three toddlers his own age and a newborn baby. The entire weekend consisted of play, swim, sleep and eating.
In the beginning of the weekend we offered to take him to the potty. Each offer was met with a simple refusal.
In the middle of our weekend we started to insist on taking him to the potty. This was met with tears and pleading no, no. We finally gave up and put him in pull ups.
I  just wonder was it the strange bathroom , was it all the fun and excitement  or just maybe everything was  too overwhelming.
Today, my grandson is back home and happily using the potty! With no lasting side effects from our little trip.
I welcome any tips or advice when it comes to traveling with a toddler in potty training. Until next week, good luck to all you potty trainers.


  1. I think it might have been the excitement. Glad you had fun!!

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  3. You are so sweet! Thank you for finding my blog and for following me. I'm thrilled we found each other! I'm a new follower!

  4. got ur follow back form locomotion of expressions! ty for visiting!

  5. Thanks for visiting I Heart Decorating, I am now following back! In regards to the potty training while traveling; my daughter is terrified of many potties that are not her own. When we travel we have to bring extra panties and pull-ups because we never know how she will react. It's common though and we learned not to push the issue. Eventually they will get over the fear of strange toilets!

  6. Thanks for the follow! lol... I don't have ANY advice on potty training. My 2 and a half year old refuses to use the potty no matter what we have tried. Glad its going well for you all though! Have a great day,
    Meg <><