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Friday, July 29, 2011

Toddler Science Experiment

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The past few weeks I noticed my grandson was fascinated with  the mini box fan I have sitting on an end table. I have not had a problem with him inspecting the fan and enjoying the air moving over his face because the grill over the front has very small openings. We checked it out and his little fingers can not pass through the openings. He has not really played with it but he liked to stand in front and let the air blow through his hair.
Today I decided to show him how the moving air can blow paper around. I held up a napkin and let him see it blow across the table. He squealed with delight. I gave him different types of paper and cardboard and watched him absorb the information. He learned to lean the fan just right to get heavier paper and a wadded paper ball to move across the table. After a few minutes he ran off to his toy box, thinking he was ready for something new I switched off the fan. A minute later he returned to the fan with a hand full of toys and asked me to turn the fan on. I was amazed at his thinking. He tried  toys and other objects around the house. I could see his little mind running high speed trying to understand why some things were moving and others were not.
Finally in the end he exclaimed with his toy cow in front of the fan "stuck."




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  4. Thank you so very much for the prayers and the follow...sending them right back at you. Your grandson is adorable and I couldn't help but notice your adorable creations on etsy. I will definitely be back! :)
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  6. Oh how cute. You have a smart little grandson. It's amazing how kids minds work. Your little angel is just so adorable.

  7. Amazing how young the little scientific mind can develop!

  8. Amazing how young the little scientific mind can develop!

  9. How cute is your grandson! That was a great experiment for him and even more wonderful when he had the aha moment!

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  11. What a little cutie. It's funny how we take things like that for granted as we get older isn't it!

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  12. It's so amusing to watch toddlers new things. My daughter sometimes surprises my with her ability to figure out solutions.

    The Twerp and I

  13. Your grandson is very cute and smart too! He is one curious little guy and he knows how to show it! Have a nice day!