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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Potty Adventure continues...

I have been reflecting on my potty training experiences with my own children. I had not been able pin point any reason why I did not have any problems training my 4 children. I always felt very lucky. The way it seemed to me was as if they almost trained themselves.
This is what I remember doing. From birth until they were potty trained I let all my babies diaper free no less than one hour a day. In the beginning I would just leave them air out for ten minutes after each diaper change.  I would lay them on a water proof pad and put a cloth diaper under them. When my babies were able to sit up on their own I would sit them on their little potty each time I used the toilet during the day. I felt it was the best place to set them when in the bathroom. I never let them sit more than a minute or two. I did this with and with out a diaper. Then at each diaper change I would also sit them on the potty. My initial hope was to cut down on laundry.
My first son was very animated when he had to poop. So every time I would hear and see him getting ready to poop I put him on the potty. After a few times I realized it was much less work to put him on the potty than it was to clean poopy cloth diapers. Soon after that my son was letting us know he had to pee in the potty by holding him self. This was before he started walking. Then around 11 months he would wake me up at night to go pee. That is when I realized he was totally potty trained and we stopped using diapers altogether.

My next son was also this easy. The only problem I had with baby two was that he was not so animated about going poop. This took a little longer to figure out. What I did was when he started walking I added more diaper free time and still sat him on the potty often. I would put extra big shirts on him and no diaper or underwear. Usually size 4t or 5t would work for a shirt. I also put knee socks on him because we did not have leg warmers back then. It was not much more than two or three weeks and he realized what was happening and started using the potty consistently.
My last two babies had virtually the same potty training experience.
After thinking over the experience I realized when reading this article on Elimination Communication  this is what I was doing back 20+ years ago. If you are potty training I recommend reading the Elimination Communication article. Good luck to all you potty trainers. Until next week.


  1. Grandma Bonnie, I am currently reading A Parent's Guide to Potty Training and find it very enlightening. In fact, it appears from this post that you were one of the types of parent's they talk about (early potty training). Potty training at an early age (6 months - 24 months) is actually EASIER and more effective. In many countries babies are potty trained at 2-3 months (pee & poop when prompted that is). The U.S. also potty trained very early (not as early as 2-3 months) until disposable diapers came about. More and more, families wait longer and longer to potty train. Which actually makes it a more challenging and longer process. I could probably go on and on... I'll just tell you know that I like this post and I enjoyed the article. EC is on my new learning wavelength with Baby Signs and its history. Early communication with a baby is the key to anything they do - elimination is no exception!! I only wish I knew this a year ago ;o/ My son was telling us when he peed and pooped and we just praised him for noticing. We should have immediately started the potty training process. But I thought I had to wait until he well over 2 like I did with my other two sons. I was wrong. And NOW, he isn't too interested in using the potty for elimination as much as he is play time in the sink after sitting time! LOL

    Oh and what a ko-winky-dink... YOU ARE THE WINNER FOR "It's Potty Time" book... hope it can positively add to your current potty adventure!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you back!

    This is how we do EC as well, and it has been very successful for us. I have friends who do it very seriously from birth (going without diapers the majority of the time, placing baby on potty at every diaper change, etc), but I don't think I'd be able to stick with it if I tried it that way (I'd wear out, I'm sure of it). But I've been really pleased with how well it's worked for my children even just doing it casually and part-time!

  3. Great advice!! Wish I had it sooner with my second, he took FOREVER. But it was finally letting him go without any pants as much as possible during the day and night that did it!

    Thanks for the follow from the Friday hop - back at ya!

  4. we have successfully passed the potty training stage in the daytime...we are still in pull-ups at night. i wish we started earlier!


  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I am following you back! :-)

    I wish we had had such an easy time with our first. He is four and a half and still wearing pull-ups to bed and having accidents during the day. We have pretty much given up on rewards or incentives and at this point have decided that pressuring him just makes things worse. Everyone tells us that you never see a ten year old in diapers, so he'll get it at some point, when he's ready.

    Our second is a year and a half old. This is when we started training our son, and it obviously didn't work out that well. We'll see how it goes with our daughter... hopefully she'll be more easy-going about it! (pun intended!... easy "going"... he he)

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Wow, what a great experience. Sounds like you did a fantastic job with them! I can't imagine being diaper-free by 11-months, how awesome it would be! My 5 yr old still tends to wait until he is about to explode before he'll make a dash to the toilet. Drives me crazy! I can see that he needs to go, but he just won't until it's nearly too late or I tell him to go! I have a 15-month old and should probably start now on the potty chair with him, just to see if he takes to it quickly.