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Monday, June 20, 2011

National Potty Training Awareness Month

Did you Know June was National Potty Training Awareness month. I found this out while reading a very interesting blog. If you are Potty training or have a future potty training experience planned you should visit LemondropsDreamtoo. While you are visiting enter the giveaway for a Baby signs - Its Potty Time Dvd.


  1. LOL! I didn't realize there was a national potty training month! So funny! Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks so much for visiting my site! I'm here returning the follow!
    Ro :)
    Have YOU had your Mom-ME Moment today?

  2. I came to follow back...thanks so much for the follow.


  3. Wow, I had no idea there was a potty training awareness month! Thankfully, I've recently completed potty training my 2 year old!

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I'm following you back now! - Amy

  4. I didn't realize they had an entire month devoted to potty training! We're starting it with my 2 year old...so I'm gonna have to check that out!

    Thanks for stopping by Always Just A Mom! I'm returning the follow and look forward to learning more!

    Have a great week!

  5. Oh, potty training....so glad I am not in that phase anymore with my kiddos! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am following you back.

  6. I am so grateful that I'm past potty training. It was a nightmare with my son! I'm following you back from the hop!

  7. I am so glad to know there is a potty training awareness month. I bet Pampers does NOT sponsor it. :)
    My little guy will be potty training in the next few months so I will definitely have to check this out!

  8. Thanks for stopping by and I am now following your blog thru GFC! I did not see a button for FB or Twitter and if I missed those somehow, let me know and I can come back. I love the pastel colors and what people do with their blogs as far as making it unique. Again, thanks so much and have a great week.