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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Educational Toys Planet, Early Years Soft Busy Blocks Review

 I love to buy toys that provide opportunities for a child to learn and discover.  It is important in the first years of a child's growth to stimulate their mind with a variety of educational toys. You can find a wide range of quality educational toys for babies, toddlers and children at Educational Toys Planet. They also have many award winning toys in their selections. The toy I have been provided with to review is The Early Years Soft Busy Blocks.

Early Years Soft Busy Blocks are un-stuffed, soft, squishy blocks. These bold, bright, colorful blocks will attract babies' attention quickly. Each block has a captivating sound. The squeak, rattle and crackle sounds are sure to put a smile on any baby's face. The blocks are lightweight and easy for little fingers to grasp and stack. The sides of the blocks are made from different fabric textures and colorful pictures. The textures, sounds and colors makes these blocks great sensory toys for young babies. I feel it's most important to provide sensory stimulation in multiple ways that help to develop a babies mind to its fullest potential. 

Educational Toys Planet provided me with a set of The Soft Busy Blocks to try with my grandchildren. My grandson had a great time with the blocks. The colors grabbed his attention right away. The textures kept him busy for quite some time. He was able to easily grasp and shake the blocks and enjoyed tossing them around.
I love the Early Years Soft blocks because they are a soft toy that is safe for infants to play with and no worry of a fall on a hard toy. I like that they are not just for young babies; they can also be used as a stacking toy for older babies.  I also like the clear vinyl pouch they were packaged in. The pouch is sturdy and will keep the blocks clean when traveling to grandma's house.

You can buy soft busy blocks and many other great toys at Educational Toys Planet.

Honest opinions were made in this post. The opinions in this post are mine and have not been influenced by monetary compensation. The product in this review was given to me free of cost by Educational Toys Planet.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Wish, A Puzzle To Solve

If you were granted a wish, what wish would you make?
Would it be money? Health? Just asking the question gets me thinking.
Only one wish! I would need more. Maybe, wish for more wishes.
My children all agree one wish only!
Well, I guess we will have to think and ponder on this at least for a while.
Such a deep question. What do you think?